Deconstructs the future in clear masterful strokes. An absolute must read text not only for professionals in financial services and related industries but also for anyone who relies on the future for business and personal planning. Written by one of the world's foremost financial astrologers, 'The Financial Universe' highlights periods to maximise investment returns and minimise portfolio losses through exposure to geopolitical events and circumstances, and financial market hotspots. This important new text maps out potential responses by international stock markets to world events that are predicted between now and the year 2020. The book is written for those who have little understanding of astrological terminology.

The book deconstructs the complex relationship of planetary alignments, sun spot patterns, and other cosmic influences. Through astrological forecasting The Financial Universe illustrates the direct impact that world events might have on global stock markets. It presents not only a compelling analysis of the financial astrology behind previous market events but also suggests concrete strategies for professionals to confront challenges which lie ahead. Specific chapters are devoted to the City of London market and Wall Street. Important market turning points to be anticipated in the years 2004-2020 are forecast and explained against world affairs, and finance and investment opportunities

Whether you are a professional investor or hobbyist, a business person or an ordinary person who likes to look ahead, this book will serve all! It is a very interesting read & does not trip itself up by using astrological technical jargon. For the astrologers, it is a relief to see it is not a cook-book astrology book but an authentic attempt by the author to vision the coming decade in business & financial terms by referring to astrological themes. I could not put the book down wondering what would be unveiled next, until I shook myself realising that the book is dealing with future possibilities on our planet! By referring back to past events politically & in business, where similar future planetary configurations were evident, the author gives us reinforcement of her predictions & a sense of credibility. They say forewarned is forearmed & if you read this book, you will have no excuses, if you invest in a losing industry or don't gauge the correct timing for lucrative investments.
I was also very excited by the author's predictions around the Internet in the coming years & the concept of the 'global village' becoming a reality. She manages to keep her grip on reality throughout & speaks about both negative & positive implications of events & gains. This is not a doomsday book most importantly, and I felt that I was more informed by reading it. To quote the author: 'The quest for greater understanding comes as a result of thinking differently. While the final burst of original thinking and subsequent breakthrough correlates, in these instances, with Uranus's movement through Aquarius, it is the movement of other planets that stimulate the imagination. Indeed it may be that, at a later time, it will be recognised by scientists that 'Energy follows Thought'. As yet, appreciation of this important concept is still in its infancy.'
Astrology & astrological information has been isolated by astrological jargon & terminology as have unfortunately astrologers. They are visited by only the enlightened few who are aware of what invaluable information can be gained about the timing of events on earth by looking at the dances in the heavens! The majority of the business community do not access this incredibly helpful information & are often taken unawares by events politically & financially. This book is groundbreaking as it bridges this gulf & makes this information readable & understandable by all. Using the information that 'The Financial Universe' provides will support us in having a smoother ride in any potential bumps we may come across in the coming decade.
The book also deals with sun spot activity & gives very user friendly interpretations that has left me wanting to watch & follow this phenomenon to see how it correlates with happenings on earth. This really whetted my appetite for more information!
I would like to sum up with some quotes from the book:
'The end of the first decade of the millennium offers a platform for change. Global warfare is a distinct possibility, yet this is not the only possible outcome. The collapse of credit would have similarly devastating consequences - particularly in countries that have built up significant levels of debt. What takes place during 2010 will affect us all. It will surely take time for each and every one of us to absorb the enormity of events, and the years to 2013 could leave many people in a state of shock, so that the real transition into new modes of being might not begin until early that year.'

'Significant change could come about through the dramatic change in attitude demanded as the cosmic storms of 2010 abate and the new forces come into play. Growing awareness that we are all dependent on one another brings with it a change in commercial thinking.

The last word in competitive intelligence - Christeen Skinner's astro-view.
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The Financial Universe

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