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Virgo Yearly 2022

Highlight May 10 and October 28. Until the former, Jupiter moves through your opposite sign: likely bringing positive development in your social sphere and indeed, with relationships of all kinds. Determining the direction you really want these to go in as regards the long term is a decision likely to be made in late October. Next, it may be helpful to mark January 14 and 18, February 24 and April 29. On each of these dates not only are your multitasking talents be put to the test, you might also feel the need to make crucial decision. Neither of the solar eclipses of 2022 affect Virgos especially, but you could yet be caught up in the slipstream of other people's decisions in both May and late October-early November. With the lunar node now accenting your educational and travel axis, this year's life journey focus will be to expand in each of these areas. Investing in training or retraining could be viewed as imperative, thrilling and rewarding - especially between May and late September.


There is the strong possibility of at least considering business partnership in 2022. The likely intense period for these discussions would be at the end of April and into early May. The costs of branching out in this way may be considerable. It might also require that you go on and a steep but fast learning curve between May and October. Yet you what you learn, - particularly in terms of improving leadership skills - should prove a wise investment. You may know that it takes Mars just a couple of years to tour all 12 signs of the zodiac. Beginning in the second half of August, Mars begins an extended transit including retrograde, of Gemini (another of the Mutable signs and accenting the career zone of your solar chart) indicating that you may have more than one iron in the fire, become involved in teaching and that short distance travel will be a major feature (irritant?) of each day.


In any year, Mercury has three periods when it is retrograde. These are not all 'bad' and should never be thought of in that way. In 2022, as in 2021, the retrograde Mercury's are all in Air signs. And yes, it is quite possible that there will still be people who give conflicting information and drive you crazy with ideas that they then either lose interest in, or forget about altogether: either having considerable impact on your financial world. Yet 2022 differs from 2021 in that Jupiter spends the months between May 10 and late October in one of the key financial zones of your solar chart - which should bring to a head thoughts of financial partnership. It might also turn the financial money tap firmly on. It may be this that enables you to self invest and improve on a skill that increases your earning power. At a different level entirely, you might also choose 2022 as being the year to invest in better transport and communication systems - if not directly, then in the companies providing these.


It's entirely reasonable to suggest that with Jupiter moving through your opposite sign, that opportunities to pursue relationships and to build new friendships will be much increased. The pace of development - especially around the solar eclipse on April 30th should prove memorable and lead to an exciting few months. It would appear - and especially around the lunar eclipse on November 8, that you will come to a realisation about one special partnership. How this should be developed as regards domestic arrangements might not be so easily resolved - especially if those of another generation have to be considered - as seems likely.


Of course this is a generalisation, but it does seem that Virgos are particularly susceptible to health issues whilst their ruling planet, Mercury is retrograde. That would suggest the need to take particular care between January 14 and February 4, and again between May 10 and June 3, and once more between September 10 and October 2, as well as the very last few days of the year. In each of these three periods the quality of the air you breathe is particularly important. It is your nervous system though that could be particularly sensitive - and especially after Mars turns retrograde at the beginning of November. With this in mind, perhaps you should consider boosting your nervous system with good vitamins and minerals and yes, perhaps consider carefully your information diet as well. You may need to prune certain people from your life - particularly if they are either too negative or too positive. What you need is balance.


It perhaps goes without saying that Mars' transit position at the apex of your solar chart from August 20 will shake you. A younger relative's education may be a source of concern, discomfort and tension in the last quarter of 2022. That said, there is also the promise of Jupiter's transit of new life - not necessarily in the form of a birth, but a happy connection. A partner of relative could breathe new life in to the family though yes, perhaps unsettle the status quo in the short term. There is also the high probability of a relative being forced into a situation where they have to travel - perhaps extensively - or work longer hours. Either way, this would reduce face-to-face contact. Resolving any tension that arises from this development will likely require you to be particularly understanding in the second half of April.

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