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Virgo Yearly 2020

2020 is likely to prove a challenging year for all signs. With both Venus and Mars having retrograde periods, and with Saturn moving from its home sign of Capricorn into Aquarius, plus the very rare alignment of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at the start of the year - and just as the new solar cycle gets underway, thinking on your feet will no doubt be necessary. Virgos are generally on red alert and sensitive to altered conditions. Yet yours is also one of the Earth signs and grounding yourself during periods of extreme stress should be factored into your schedule. The key times for this are mid-February to March 10 and again between mid-September and mid-November. You could also view 2020 as being a year for self investment. Partnerships of all kinds will likely be challenging: including the one you have with yourself and the trust you have in you and your abilities. By the time that Jupiter first meets Pluto and then Saturn at the end of the year, not only might you have grown in confidence, you may well be moving into a role that makes best use of your considerable talents.


Venus turns retrograde in the career zone of your solar chart mid-May. From its entry into this area on April 4th and its exit on August 8th, career matters are likely to have your full attention. Yes, the 40 days of Venus retrograde (May 13th to June 25th) could be tricky. Yet this is arguably the optimum time for assessment and obtaining mentoring and revising qualifications before moving forward. In 2020 Saturn moves from Capricorn into Aquarius thus crossing from the risk and speculation area of your solar chart into the 'worker bee' sector. If you are interested in developing in a new area, allow a good two years of investment time. Yes, the going will likely be hard between mid-September and mid-November but, as you will read in the financial section below, has the potential to bring reward before the end of the year.


With Venus turning retrograde between mid-May and late June and Mars also retrograde between mid-September and mid-November, care will need to be taken to moderate cash flow during those two periods especially. Tempting as it may be at the start of the year to make major investment (most likely property related), it might be wise to wait until after the Lunar Node moves from Cancer into Gemini in late June. It is entirely possible that some prices will fall. If, on the other hand you're planning to sell, perhaps the sooner the better. 2020 has been described by an esteemed colleague as the year of the 'Great Financial Reset'. They may yet be proved correct. The important thing is to safeguard interests, curb costs where possible and, where investment is concerned, choose extremely wisely. The outlook for the next few years is turbulent. It's arguably important to focus on both utilities and also the promising areas of artificial intelligence. This will require diligence. The good news is that from mid-October to mid-November your capacity and interest in researching options should be great. Then, by the time Jupiter aligns with Pluto in the risk and speculation area of your solar chart mid-November, you may be ready to make your move. There is indeed, much to suggest that when the new business cycle begins on December 20, Virgo will be one of the first to explore the many opportunities this brings.


In a year when both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods it's probable that relationships will be topsy-turvy. The fact that Venus is retrograde from mid-May until the end of June in another of the Mutable signs suggests you might eperience a parnership squall - that could also be exciting. Challenges revolve around work-life balance. If you're already in partnership, then your significant other may feel that you are putting more attention into work than you are into your relationship. During Mars' retrograde phase mid-September to mid-November it's the health of that significant other that might prompt you to look at your relationship differently. In terms of sheer fun, then July and August offer much excitement as does mid-November to the end of the year. In this latter period, you might even experience a romantic whirlwind.


It is generally the case, that Virgos, with their natural focus on detail and well-being, give attention to essential checkups and health maintenance. In 2020 that may be even more important. Fact is that Saturn has been moving through Capricorn, an area of the Zodiac associated with bones and structure. You may not be the only Virgo to complain of knee pain or other joint difficulties. It could take some months to see improvement. Once the Lunar Node moves into Gemini (another of the Mutable signs in late June), making appropriate adjustments should perhaps take priority. Another area of the body arguably requiring extra attention in 2020 is the head and especially the eye area. From mid-September to mid-November looking after this part of the body should perhaps be given extra attention.


Family matters are likely to be both exciting and challenging between January 3 and mid-February. It's interesting that just as these abate, that Mercury, your ruling planet, turns retrograde. Between February 17th and 10th March reflecting and working out how best to assist someone from another generation to make the most of their talents will likely be uppermost. It's your own career and the impact it has on domestic and family life that looks set to take priority between May 13 and end of June. What seems likely is that something that has been incubating - possibly for at least the last six if not the last 12 years, - will take off from mid-November prompting you to close the year having revitalised your domestic life but possibly doing more work from home.

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