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Virgo Yearly 2019

Between the eclipses: the solar on January 6th and the lunar on January 21st, windows of opportunity should open. The need to acquire new skills - most likely involving home study is strong throughout 2019. It may be important to you to get this started by the Full Moon in your sign on February 19th. If obstacles are put in your way, you'll no doubt knock these down with ease once Uranus reaches Taurus on March 6th. In short it seems likely that in 2019 you'll put best foot forward and take on fresh challenges even as family matters command considerable attention. Further, and strong possibility in 2019, is dealing with legacies and other asset management. Don't be surprised if you have increased dealing with other areas of the world and need to learn about new rules and regulations in the process. By the end of the year your expertise in this area could set you on new career path.


Uranus, whose entry into Taurus dominates the year from March 6th, is the planet of the unconventional, of the rebel and of doing things very differently. Over the next seven years, its transit of one of the key 'training' areas of your solar chart indicates a desire to adopt alternative ways of thinking. Those alternatives will likely encompass ancient therapies as much as new moral codes. As Taurus is one of the Earth signs, your relationship with the planet itself could change. It may be that you become increasingly involved in environmental issues or that at work, you're asked to give these careful consideration. You may also be asked to mentor others. Your particular diligence, and eye for detail together with your gift for project management might well result in you being offered a new position. In accepting this -which would certainly take you out of your usual comfort zone, you might find that your inner 'worry monster' is hard to subdue - especially between May 16th and late June. Yet your handling of this, and the way in which you deal with a crisis at the end of September and through early October 2019, should leave you well-placed to accept a unique position after Jupiter moves into another of the Earth signs on December 3rd. In short, it appears your career is about to go off at a curious yet fascinating tangent.


Soon after the lunar eclipse on January 21st , your financial circumstances may change. By early April a revenue stream will likely be entirely different. True, this could be affected by a partner's position or the joint sale of an asset. Credit card management might also have your particular attention. Note that late in December 2020 the global financial winds are set to change and, in the coming years will become decidedly chilly. Planning ahead is advisable for all signs. Virgos tend to fall into two categories: those who do too much planning and those who undertake none. Balance is rarely found. Yet it's perhaps imperative that attempts to at least secure assets are made in October 2019 before rates and costs rise further. As Jupiter makes passage through another of the Mutable signs, Sagittarius, until December 3rd , anticipate rising domestic costs at the same time as becoming of aware of the need to squirrel away more funds for the proverbial rainy day. This task may prove challenging in July and August. Note too, that by the end of the year the need to self -invest will likely be strong and that before the close of 2019 making a large purchase will be driven as much by desire and compulsion as necessity.


For one year in every 12, Jupiter moves through the base of your solar chart. This usually coincides with increased need for emotional fulfilment. With that as the driver and the craving for new emotional experience, it's usually not difficult to attract situations where you meet new people. Your attractiveness too certainly seems to increase. This year, Jupiter's transit in combination with Uranus could mean increased involvement with those from very different cultures to your own. It might even be that you determine to learn a new language in order to secure your relationship. Romantically then, this could be the year for experiencing the exotic and compelling. An important time may be from August 12 as Mars moves through your sign. From then and all the way through to the end of the year, the driving need to relate and to experience emotional satisfaction should lead to moments of pure joy.


Chiron is the planetoid associated with healing. For the last few years it has been moving through another of the Mutable signs. No doubt health matters have already been preoccupying: both your own health and those close to you. You may already have been driven to experimenting with different dosages and even alternative therapies. On February 21st Chiron leaves Pisces and moves on into Aries. This brings another dynamic altogether: less about experimentation and more about direct action - or non-action. It may be that important decisions (whether you attack or leave well alone) are discussed. There is no rush to come to any kind of conclusion: though by the time that Mars opposes Chiron in early October, it would be understandable if you felt the need to make a firm plan. This is when the importance of diet could have your full attention too. Adjustments might benefit your long-term health. It's equally likely that you will be involved in care-giving: possibly either post-surgery or post-grief. Either way, your nursing support may be needed through November.


It's relatives who live some distance away and who have interest in far-away places that could have much of your attention in 2019. You may also have concern about their financial well-being. Anticipate though that some of these people will wish to visit you. As Jupiter moves through an important family area of your solar chart, their arrival could be spontaneous but be greeted with much enthusiasm. At many levels, you may crave this company. It's probable too that there will be news of new additions. Though these may not arrive until 2020, their pending arrival will surely change family dynamics and perhaps, assist in a long-term healing process.