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Virgo Outlook 2018


The roller coaster of the last couple of years is behind you. 2018 offers another kind of fairground ride. What lies ahead is unlikely to require the kind of grit and determination you've had to show in recent times. Indeed, by the end of the year, and with your world view considerably expanded, the relish with which you negotiate this ride could find you super-attractive to some people - and so energise your love-life. But back to the start: Chiron leaves your opposite sign on April 17th (a good thing) reducing the need to resolve issues for others. A period of joint problem-solving then begins. True, initially this offers a bumpy ride. It's one that you might be happy to embrace however. In May, Uranus arrives in another of the Earth signs and your world axis is likely to be affected. For some, Cupid's arrows could strike: for others this may be about finding a role that you really, really want and attracting it to you. With an eclipse season beginning in July and lasting through August (though neither in your sign), many people will be changing course: leaving openings for you. Actually, given your high levels of sensitivity, you may have known for months that this was coming. Throughout this period Venus moves through your sign and you may be seen as the answer to more than one person's prayers - possibly resulting in you being 'head-hunted'. Soon after the New Moon in your sign (September 9th), recognition should come your way. True, you may be asked to be super-discreet (especially after Venus turns retrograde on October 6th). Yet behind the scenes work might really appeal - especially if there's a presentation or launch planned for December. It's from the December New Moon (7th) that your star should truly shine - bringing the promise of expanded horizons and, quite possibly, discussions about either improving your home base or moving altogether in 2019.


2018 promises singular development - probably wholly unexpected at the start of the year. It may be that you need to wait for others to move on for there to be a gap for you and your special talents. That opening should some in May and involve a company or person with International connections. First signal that all could and will change comes around the lunar eclipse on January 31st: after then it's a question of being patient - especially between March 6th and 23rd when you'll surely see what could be done but not then be in a position to take action. It's all rather different from mid-May when you could come into your own though agreed, you might initially be technically challenged. This though is a learning curve you could drive with ease - and as early as May 25th. By August, and given freer rein (possibly after standing in for someone who's on holiday), your ingenuity and willingness to adopt and develop new systems should get you noticed so that by the New Moon in your sign on September 9th, your place on a team is assured. Venus is retrograde from October 6th to December 17th. Through these weeks you may be required to 'work on the quiet', showing discretion and, quite possibly, clearing up a mess created during September but whose roots go back some years. Here you could truly excel so that by year end you are being considered for another post altogether.


Both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods in 2018: likely to provide a bumpy romantic ride for all: especially between June 27th and August 28th and again between October 6th and December 19th. The former period could prove the more dramatic as between these dates there are several eclipses. This then could be a time of 'all change'. Venus' retrograde period will surely find the strength of unions being tested - and yes, though not involved directly, you may be aware of 'eternal triangle' situations that leave you feeling uncomfortable. For all that, with Saturn now moving through the pleasure zone of your solar chart, developing long-lasting friendships (and yes, with a hint of romance) is probable - especially in late May when you really could feel entwined and enraptured by someone very special indeed.


Based on historic cycles, a downturn in global economy is probable in 2018 - marking the start of a tricky 7 year period. Those born under Virgo though should find ways around dilemmas. Fact is that with Saturn's move into another of the Earth signs, you could find your financial feet - though not through speculation! If you are going to invest, then it would be best to focus on you and your interests. Through these you could realise gain after Jupiter moves to the base of your solar chart on November 8th. Then through to the end of the year really could be the start of something big. Until then, and with developments within the family requiring review of shared resources, latent financial acumen will surely be tested with you needing to learn more about tax management than you ever thought you'd want to know.


Until Chiron leaves your opposite sign on April 17th, routine health matters (diet) could have near undivided attention (if not you, then for someone close who needs your support). After then and through to September 26th, such matters need not be such high priority. Chiron returns to this area from September 26th until the end of the year and once again your system could be put under stress - at least through to early November. Whereas during the first quarter the focus is on maintaining recently improved health, the fourth quarter may be all about giving support to your nervous system. With a probably increased workload, essential vitamins and minerals could easily be depleted.

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