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Virgo Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

You could feel called to account as the week begins. You won't be the only one to feel this way: the Sun's annual opposition to Saturn coincides with the Moon's move from South to North latitude. The combined effect will be felt obviously by all. It suggests the need for a change of pace. But yes, you will likely be required to make decisions. This is not your strongest suit. You may feel that even now, you don't have all the facts. Avoiding moving forward though is likely not an option either. What you should perhaps avoid is prevaricating and then making an ad hoc decision before the end of the week: one that's driven by the need to get rid of the problem than about resolving it. With that in mind, you might benefit from conversation with someone who is clearly futuristic in their thinking. An Aquarian perhaps? You will surely benefit from being shown another - and very different - perspective.