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Virgo Weekly Sunday 18th August 2019

With first Mars and then Venus moving into your sign the spotlight moves to you. True it could be the end of the month before others are listening to all you have to say. The process though gets started this week. And yes, given that your relationship axis is so much affected, it may be that there will be lively discussion especially midweek. It would be understandable if this was property related. Your horizons may yet be widened. A further possibility is considering doing extra work from home. This might well require reorganisation that takes some weeks to put in place. The thoughts and energy of an Aries-born colleague could prove super useful. In fact, though you may have doubts about their skills at risk-managing, the fact that they are giving more attention to detail than in the past should be encouraging. If there is danger it's that you could be accused of having fingers in too many pies. In fact, it's arguably vital- especially over Wednesday and Thursday, - that you show that you can focus and deliver on time.