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Virgo Weekly Sunday 24th October 2021

Yours is a sign not known for shirking responsibilities. Indeed, it could be said that you take on too much. Your ability to grasp detail can, of course, get in the way of you seeing the bigger picture. This week you will need to take care that you're not interfering with someone who is simply as yet contemplating a task. It may be that they'll make their move at the last moment. Perhaps they shouldn't be rushed. It might do you some good to take a little time out mid week for a blue skies day thinking of your own. A strong possibility is that a deal will be presented, but where you feel a decision needs to be made by the end of October. Tempting as it may be to agree terms, you do need to ensure that this would be appropriate for you in the long term and not simply expedient. In this respect, the wisdom of Cancer or Capricorn friends and colleagues should be most useful.