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Virgo Weekly Sunday 15th May 2022

It would be understandable if you felt unsettled around Monday's Lunar Eclipse. This takes place against the backdrop of Mercury turning retrograde at the apex of your solar chart. Careerwise it might seem as though you've stumbled into a brick wall, or a mess that is not of your making but which will require considerable effort to resolve. This though, will surely find you at your best - especially if property matters are involved. There is little doubting that Virgos, once they've assessed a crisis, know exactly the kind of attack that will be necessary to reach resolution. You could say that this is where you are at your most creative. Whether you take a three, four or five pronged attack depends on your personal chart. What seems likely is that at least one of these approaches will be hugely traditional; follow exact rules and regulations and require support from a Capricorn who is only too eager to give it.