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Virgo Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

This should prove a week of major activity for all signs. It's not simply that there is a solstice on Friday but that the event coincides with the opposition of Mars and Pluto. True, there's an aspect like this every couple of years. This one though, coming on top of various other aspects could bring high drama to all signs. Protectionism may well be the order of the day. For Virgos, it could all start at the beginning of the week when an item or service might appear compromised. Protecting your interests will no doubt require considerable flexibility as well as discussion with insurance agents or other experienced asset management professionals. The super good news, is that for the bulk of the week, the Moon passes through one of the more creative zones of your solar chart. Given that your sign is known from multitasking and versatility, harnessing these talents will likely not be difficult and could lead to achievement early next week.