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Virgo Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

It's most interesting that Jupiter's arrival at the base of your solar chart coincides with so many other apparently minor but significant changes of planetary vibration. The net effect could put you on a new path altogether by the weekend of 17th and 18th. A strong possibility is that the goalposts will be moved. True, this might not happen until just after the First Quarter Moon on Thursday 15th. Nevertheless, soon after and with Mars in your opposite sign, you could find greater flexibility than has been apparent to date. True, this will likely require the re-wording of a contract. And yes, you may feel that this is one administrative hurdle too many. Yet yours is a sign that likes to get things absolutely right. Whether it's proof-reading that goes slightly awry or the need for fresh valuation, fact is that efforts put in presently should bring real reward from mid-December.