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Virgo Weekly Sunday 9th December 2018

Next Saturday's First Quarter Moon is in your opposite sign. By then you should know far better where others stand. Those who to your mind have been messing you around (most likely since March), could now put forward their plans. Since last Friday's New Moon coincided with Mercury, your ruling planet arriving at its direct station, brought with it a change in the cosmic weather, a change of mood is likely. Those people should now have a much clearer idea of what is important for them in 2019 and have clear ideas as to how to achieve that. True, Venus does not return to its retrograde degree until December 17th. This week, as it appears to close that apparent loop in the sky, compromise on many fronts is probable. What might surprise you is the support that comes - most likely from a Capricorn or elder- who sees now that you've come as far as you possibly can and that if a deal is to be struck it needs to be struck soon. This could be achieved by the solstice on 22nd, but first will likely require that legal other expert opinion is sought.