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Sophie Loren

20th September 1934 14:10
Rome Italy

A glamorous and sexy actress described as such by a lovely Venus/Neptune conjunction trining her Ascendant (the way she meets the world).

Sophia was noticed at a beauty contest by a film producer called Carlo Ponti - both modelling and films come under the rulership of Neptune. They fell in love and married in 1957. However, under Catholic Italy's law, Ponti's previous divorce in Mexico wasn't acknowledged and he was eventually charged with bigamy. Transiting Neptune was conjunct Sophia's Midheaven (her status) at the time of the marriage illustrating not only her new marital status but also the scandal, disappointment and eventual dissolving of the marriage which was annulled in 1962 when Neptune had moved towards the exact square to her Venus.

There was much gossip concerning the marriage of this beautiful woman to a short, portly producer and Sophia herself said, “I needed a father. I needed a husband. I was adopted by Carlo and married my father.” Her 7th house cusp, which describes her marriage partner, is ruled by the Moon which is conjunct Saturn – the planet associated with the father!! It wasn’t until 1966 that they became legally married and are still together to this day.