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Virgo Quarterly

On August 20 almost exactly midway through this quarter, Mars begins an extended transit of the career zone of your solar chart. It's probable that by mid August you will have many, many irons in the fire. Looking after each and every one of these and ensuring that losses are not incurred through carelessness will demand considerable time and attention. The danger area comes with the Full Moon on September 10 which could be a critical time for world markets - and at the personal level. You may need to reassess how much time and energy you can afford to commit to a project. There is the danger of others demanding just too much. All this might not be immediately apparent through July when others seek out your expertise. Yes, you could excel and in the last few days of July and through to August 20 receive bonus rewards. Relationships both at the private and business level are well starred through that fortnight. All this should be exciting and perhpas lead to a new job title at the end of August. Yet with that will likely come increased responsibility for which you insufficient experience. To this end, you might consider taking on a short course to improve your administrative skills.

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