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Virgo Quarterly

This first quarter of 2019 promises to be super busy for all signs. Virgoes though may find this to be a chaotic time. The fact is that the planetoid Chiron - which moves between Saturn and Uranus - changes signs mid-February. That's followed just three weeks later by Uranus' arrival in Taurus. The latter coincides with Mercury (your ruling plane)t arriving at its retrograde station in your opposite sign. All these factors suggest something of a colossal traffic jam. Resolving this, and getting back to an easy flow will take some time. True, you could be super irritated that plans are thrown into disarray and that you are left endlessly reorganising. You may also need to get involved and perhpas take control of the financial affairs of others and yes, you could have increased contact with those who work in the field of medicine. This isn't necessarily through an illness, but could be related to your work. One way or another, it is arguably important that you keep your contacts up-to-date. The one blessing of this quarter is that your social network is likely to expand considerably. Note too, that the solar Eclipse on January 7 accent the affairs of the heart area of your solar chart. Whether or not you fall in love during this quarter, there's high probability of you rediscovering a childhood interest and making plans to develop it.

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