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Virgo Quarterly

It seems clear that the next couple of years ago will bring global financial challenge. Protecting yourself from chill winds should be seen as priority. With Venus retrograde between October 5th and mid-November, would be an excellent time to appraise debts and credit management generally. Before Jupiter arrives at the base of your solar chart (at which point property matters might require urgent attention), it would be as well to have undertaken risk assessment. There is high probability of interest rates rising and that budgetary restraints will need to be put in place. All that said, the presence of Jupiter at the base of your solar chart from November 9th indicates that in the next few months it may be possible to release cash through the sale of no longer wanted assets. Indeed, by the time Venus returns to the position held at its retrograde station December, it may well be that you're embarked on a self-investment project that pay dividends in 2019. Mars' arrival in your opposite sign as of November 16th (and just as Venus stations and Mercury turns retrograde) could be an exceedingly important time financially. This would not be the optimum moment for signing contrasts - though you may be pushed to do so. A few days either side of this it would be wise to be aware that others could push you to make decisions. Take time and carry out full risk assessment.

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