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Virgo Quarterly

For six months beginning in late June, Mars moves through Aries. This is the area of your solar charge associated with joint finances. This is more than just deals involving one other person and incorporates dealings with investment companies, mortgage facilitators and estate administrators. Before the Equinox in September, you may need to deal with with all ofThrough these issues. You could view this as positive for undertaking an early birthday financial spring clean. You might also give thought to investments made in hobbies and leisure activities over the last 18 months. It may be necessary to rein these in. As of July 2 Saturn returns to this sensitive area of your solar chart suggesting that brakes will need to be applied. Yet this is in contrast to Jupiter demanding that you invest in these same areas. The struggle between these two planets arbitrated by Pluto demanding further investment suggests a busy three months where financial matters are concerned. All this said, with Mercury moving relatively quickly during August and especially until that planet arrives in your sign on 20th,, you could make some wise financial decisions - most especially perhaps around August 16th.

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