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Virgo Quarterly

This quarter is special in the Venus moves into Gemini on April 4 and doesn't leave that sign until early August. This covers the career, aims and objectives area of your solar chart. As you might expect, with Venus turning retrograde in this area from May 13 through June 25, it is likely that there will be multiple adjustments to be made. This though is not the only signal of probable alteration in life journey. Saturn has now moved into Aquarius and an area of your solar chart associated with hard and relentless work. This is just the overture before full entry at the end of the year. This should not be seen as a negative as it is probable that through 2021 and 2022, you will be laying foundations. The daily grind could at times feel heavy: yet not if you view this as tilling the land ready to reap later reward. Analysis will be needed. Venus movements assist in this approach. A good exercise would be to assess, reassess and yes, obtain advice before you sow seeds at the very end of June. These should then show signs of significant development by the turn of the year.

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