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Peter Shilton

18th September 1949 4ambr /> Leicester England

Peter Shilton (England goalkeeper 1970 to 1990) still holds the record for the most international appearances of all time with 125 caps. His work rate and training schedule was legendary - perhaps not surprising for someone with both the Sun and conscientious Saturn in Virgo encouraging him to strive for perfection by systematically improving his expertise.

Saturn's movement through the zodiac (transit) can bring recognition - as indeed it did when transiting Saturn was opposite Shilton's Sun throughout 1966/7 when he began playing professionally for Leicester. In fact he played so well during this transit he ousted Gordon Banks as Leicester's No. 1 goalie!

In November 1970 he had his England debut. He became No. 1 goalie after Banks’ retirement in 1972 but this honour was short-lived when Ray Clemence joined the squad, only regaining the No. 1 position in 1984 when transiting Jupiter, planet of success, was making a trine (harmonious link) to his natal Sun and Jupiter.

Shilton continued playing for England until the 1990 World Cup and went into management just when transiting Saturn (extra responsibility) was making a very positive aspect (trine) to his Sun.