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Peter Sellers

8th September 1925 - 24th July 1980

Southsea England

Christened Richard Henry Sellers, but bizarrely called Peter in memory of his stillborn brother, it perhaps wasn't surprising to see Peter Seller's Virgo Sun ruler and ruling planet of the chart, Mercury, not only sitting next to the planet of invisibility, Neptune, but also both residing in the 12th house (Neptune's natural domain) - which suggests his own identity was unseen/unknown!

But it's also equally fascinating to note that this same Mercury/Neptune conjunction in the 12th house is also connected to Peter's career as Mercury rules his Gemini Midheaven - the Midheaven being the career Angle in a birthchart when drawn from an accurate birth time - and aptly describes his 'behind the scene' radio broadcasts.

But as any budding astrologer will know, every pair of planets has numerous meanings in the way they play their part in someone’s life and to continue with this same pairing, not only was Peter Sellers recognised as a master Impressionist but he was also well respected for his ability to ‘get in and out of character’ at amazing speed. Inspector Clouseau, his character from the Pink Panther films, was a ‘master of disguise’ – another excellent description of this very same Mercury conjunction Neptune!