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Virgo Monthly April 2019

Mars has now begun a six-week stay at the very apex of your solar chart. Mars, as you probably know, is the planet of energy and now moving across the apex of your solar chart affecting career, aims and objectives. It's quite possible that like cat on a hot tin roof, you will be excited and yes, perhaps ready to self-invest. Take care that you're not seduced into a way of thinking that would end up with loss. It would be wise to be super cautious- especially in the days leading into Jupiter's station on April 11. For some, the issue of legacies and insurance will likely command much attention. This may be particularly so after the Sun moves into Taurus on Saturday 20th. Particular focus after that could be on major investment: perhaps linked to long-term savings or pensions. It could be argued that this would be the optimum time to undertake an inventory of all that you own, and to create your personal balance sheet. That in turn could lead to you determining a fresh budget to be launched at the end of this busy month.

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