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Virgo Monthly June 2019

You surely won't be the only sign giving thought to long-term financial provision. The difference for you is that around the First Quarter Moon in your sign on June 10th, that you might seek out a professional whose financial track record is excellent and who seems to understand your need to divide savings into different parts. It is perhaps as important - given that first Mars, and then Mercury oppose Saturn between 14th and 16th, - that you make clear to others where your financial red-lines lie. By the time that Mars opposes Pluto on June 20th and yes, this could be an extraordinarily difficult time worldwide, making sure that insurance is adequate could be top priority. It's then too that you could give serious thought to your long-term legacy and estate planning. With regard to major investments, the last four days of June should find you particularly interested in energy and conservation. Indeed, the eco-warrior within could play major role in you seeking out investments that appeal at these levels.

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