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Virgo Monthly December 2018

View the New Moon on Friday 7th as marking a whole new chapter. Not only does your ruling planet Mercury turn director then, but within a few days Venus returns to the position held at its retrograde station at the beginning of October. You may then have all the facts needed before making a major decision -most likely concerning property. One of your very many gifts is to compare and contrast options. Though others may feel you're being too demanding or fussy, fact is that you know how to get value for money and to negotiate hard when necessary. You could do precisely that around the First Quarter Moon on 15th in your opposite sign. Within a couple of days you may find that the other party is willing to renegotiate. Indeed, even before the solstice (which this year coincides with a Full Moon) on 22nd, you could arrive at a good deal. From then on through until the end of the month as your ruling planet moves through Sagittarius, investment-wise you might give thought to improving your knowledge base. Whether studying financial papers, requiring skills in another language or investigating emerging markets, you could yet conclude 2018 feeling if not exactly better off, then far better informed.

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