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Virgo Monthly October 2021

Until the night before the Full Moon on October 20, Mercury is retrograde in one of the key financial zones of your solar chart. It could be argued that this is the optimum time for 're-balancing the books', paying off debts or restructuring these. Determining the optimum course of action is best done before the New Moon on October 6. That's follwoed by a promising window of opportunity between 6th and 20th when you could ascertain your rights and, soon after Saturn stations on 11th, work out how best to present your case. If you are an investor, then the same periods would be useful for questioning the capitalisation of a company you are interested in supporting. Soon after the Sun moves into Scorpio over the weekend of 23rd/ 24th, that you may choose to make major investment - likely property related.. There is the possibility of slipping on a financial banana skin on 26th/ 27th when you could be seduced into paying more than is absolutely necessary for protection or insurance services.

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