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Virgo Monthly September 2020

Financial panic around the Full Moon on September 2nd is probable. Whereas others may be running like headless chickens however, far from panicking, you could display a calmness that is more appropriate for an emergency room. Between Sundays 6th and 26th Mercury moves through neighbouring Libra. It's then that you could truly begin the process of 'balancing the books' and determining accountability. Success is probable midmonth as Jupiter, in another of the Earth signs arrives at its station. This station is important in that it's the last of its kind for over a decade. By the end of the month you might even be ready to make minor but important investment. This could include emergency repairs. It's perhaps as likely that forced to recognise the upheaval that been created in recent months, that as of Monday 28th you will find a way to both protect assets and to make quiet but significant investment. Commitment to a business partnership with someone from another generation who shows great skill and craftsmanship is possible.