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Virgo Monthly April 2020

You will need your financial wits about you this month. Of course that's true at any time, but with Mars moving through a sector associated with day-to-day running costs, it may be that more is flowing out than flowing in. Managing this will likely be top priority. Certainly it would be understandable if you felt slightly panicked between the 5th and the Full Moon on 8th. True you will likely seize the reins again by the Last Quarter Moon on 14th. By then, Mercury will be moving through one of the key financial partnership zones of your solar chart. It's in working with those operating in large institutions that you could re-balance the books. If you are seeking investment to launch a new product or service you could yet be offered a good deal. Obviously much depends on your personal chart but, with your risk assessment in much better working order in the last five days of April, and the way in which you put together a business plan appearing both exciting and practical, you could yet receive support.

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