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Virgo Monthly November 2019

Anticipate much to-ing and fro-ing this November. If it's not you that is doing the travelling, it could be others visiting. Certainly, new perspectives could have your attention. It's well recognised, that yours is a sign that is good at worrying. Your focus on detail can be an asset - but at times be a limiting factor when long-term vision is required. With your ruling planet Mercury retrograde until 21st, it might suit you to reflect and to go back over deals. And yes, especially between 8th and the Full Moon on November 12th you could uncover loopholes and make financial gain. Real progress though is most likely from the 21st. It may be that this is property related or that a major sale is involved. The two things could, of course, be linked. Whatever, the end of the month could find you swimming in new financial waters.

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