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Virgo Monthly August 2019

By the end of August, there will be an awesome array of planets grouped in your sign. This does not happen every year. Indeed, the New Moon on August 30 really does put the spotlight on Virgo. Though this could coincide with holiday time, it does not mean that it will not be a financially productive period. Any large expenses are more likely related to the first half of the month. Indeed, it's even possible that post the Full Moon on August 15, that there will be rather more coming in than going out. Much of this does appear to be property or legacy related. Your asset management performance could be the best it's been in some time (though of course, much depends on your personal chart). What seems probable is that after Mars reaches your sign on August 18th, that you will be more comfortable taking the reins and making decisions. In this, you might also decide it's best to do some self investment before you invest elsewhere. If you do decide to invest in shares, it would be understandable if you looked to essential goods and services - particularly those related to the health sector or perhaps also transport or utilities. You are likely to be tuned in to what others cannot do without and even, before the end of the month, identify a second and potentially wealth giving revenue stream.

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