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Virgo Monthly February 2019

It's not abnormal for there to be a Full Moon in your sign during February. This years is special in that it coincides with Chiron's move from your opposite sign of Pisces into neighbouring Aries. There is high probability of considerable accent on financial partnerships. Bear in mind that just a few days before that event Mars enters an area of your solar chart associated with both foreign countries and with higher education. It's entirely possible that involvement with both or either will open up another revenue stream. In fact you could glide into this between 10th and 19th. Note that through February none of the planets are retrograde. This is indicative of a faster moving pace than usual. Though this could put those of your sign under a degree of stress, (remember that you like to dot the eyes and cross the 't's and don't like to be rushed into anything), it's entirely possible that with others ready and keen to take action, that in the last eight days of the month that your financial situation will be much altered. For some this might require involvement in legacies and family asset management. Others might determine that it's time to join forces and invest in property. Either way, you will surely benefit from professional guidance - which might well need to be sought on the very last day of the month.

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