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Virgo Monthly July 2020

It would be understandable if you were super fretful about financial matters. Mercury is retrograde until the middle of the month and just as that planet turns direct, there are other major aspects that might leave you wondering if you've hit a financial brick wall. Certainly you might wonder if you've gone down a cul-de-sac. Yet though the outlook might look bleak in one direction, this would surely afford the opportunity for reassessment and to re-consider a plan that may have been incubating since the fourth quarter of 2019. Investing in this area, and harvesting new-found expertise, might yet deliver reward. Over 23rd and 24th, and with the Moon passing through your sign, your financial judgement should be working well (though obviously much depends on your personal chart ) leading you to discuss a concept that is likely to be linked to home education and which could yet be developed into a revenue stream.

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