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Virgo Monthly November 2018

November's New Moon on 7th coincides with Jupiter's arrival in Sagittarius (another of the Mutable signs)and from then will be moving across the base of your solar chart. With Uranus' return to Aries around that same time, it's likely that global markets will be shaken. That could result in massive revaluation. This is not the only financial current likely to affect you in November. Over the weekend of November 16th, the Lunar Node changes signs, Mars arrives in your opposite sign of Pisces, Venus stations and Mercury turns retrograde. That's an extraordinary combination of events! and could lead to a radical rethink of your financial affairs. It's not necessarily the case that you will want to go back on an agreement but you might want to renegotiate. That process could begin in earnest the following week. By the time that the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter align at the base of your solar chart on Monday 26th a way forward could be found. Though you might still need to wait for expert reports to arrive (most likely mid-December), you could at least end of November feeling if not exactly back in charge of finance, aware of the pitfalls and the level of risk proposed. Determining whether this is or is not acceptable could take until the New Moon on December 7 which coincides with Mercury's next station.

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