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Virgo Monthly August 2018

For a variety of different reasons August could prove financially challenging. Of course that might be said of any summer holiday period. Fact is that until 19th Mercury is retrograde in arguably one of the more fragile areas of your solar chart. It may be that costs rise without you noticing. It would be wise then to be extremely careful with credit card management- especially at least through until that date. That said, a fabulous aspect involving both Saturn and Uranus in Earth signs like your own suggests you could be moving to a new financial platform altogether by the Full Moon on August 26th . That celestial event comes just slightly ahead of Mars turning direct in another of the Earth signs. By the end of August it should be all systems go - and in a very promising way. Though the financial books might not balance exactly by the end of the month, you should nevertheless feel that time and energy spent has been sound investment and that you're in a stronger financial position than you'd imagined possible at this juncture of the year.

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