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Virgo Monthly April 2021

Until 22nd at least, you could be super busy rushing hither and thither but successfully juggling many interests and projects - especially in the days following the New Moon on April 12. That said, more than once you may feel you are negotiating an obstacle course when, as one dilemma is resolved another surfaces. The week beginning Monday 19th could be particularly challenging. By 23rd however, and the Moon's arrival in your sign, together with other factors, there could be yet something else to celebrate. You wouldn't be you if you didn't have something to worry about of course! and with Mars' arrival in Cancer you could go into overdrive fretting about how much there is to do. By the Full Moon on April 27 others will surely encourage you to simply 'calm down'. But perhaps your intuition is spot on as developments in the last few days of the month could be as exciting as those at the start but leave you aware of new challenges ahead.

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