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Virgo Money

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Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is an Earth sign. It is said that Virgos are perfectionist. This is perhaps an exaggeration. Virgos have an innate understanding that for anything to run smoothly, the details have to be correct. Reliable routines are, therefore, essential for Virgos. From this secure base, they are then able to use considerable analytical skill to test their system thoroughly and adapt it as necessary. Little distresses Virgos more than having doubt as to reliability; whether that be of a person or an object. It is essential for Virgos to have sound organisation so that they are able to adjust to what life throws at them. From the simple security of knowing exactly where the umbrella is for when it is raining, to the more complex security of a critical illness insurance policy fund that is guaranteed to provide sufficient funds as needed, Virgos have systems in place to cover as many eventualities as they can imagine. Even then, Virgos are quite capable of worrying endlessly over some imaginary crisis and how they would be able to cope with it. The truth is that the Virgo brain is able to juggle sound, practical reasoning with the numerous possibilities for solution to any problem and to develop a plan which is sufficiently adaptable to take into account conditions as they develop.