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Virgo Money

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Virgos need to know what is going on and feels it better to hear accounts direct from the management than from journalists reporting.

To be entrepreneurial requires courage, flair, imagination and a certain degree of workaholism. Virgos could never be accused of not working hard or long enough and have an ability to stay the course. Nor could it be said that they do not have flair. Their presentations are usually superb. They are in tune with the concept of service and would find it unthinkable not to fulfil commitments. In this sense they are excellent managers. However, they are not always good leaders and their tendency to keep imagination firmly under control may prohibit them from taking a risk and backing an idea. That said, if they feel that they have support from other professionals and their risk analysis shows good odds, they are able to set up their business and have it running efficiently in a relatively short time. If there are problems, they come from an apparent inability to take risks and to seize an opportunity as it presents itself. Taking time to run all necessary checks can also mean that the moment is lost. Their business is unlikely to fold through lack of imagination or risk taking, but growth will be slow even if it is sure.

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