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Virgo Money

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Virgos may lack finesse, cunning or a capacity for deceit, but they are quite capable of negotiating using just hard facts and agreeing a deal that is adjusted for any flaw, is time controlled and has penalty clauses built in. Their arguments are controlled, the facts thoroughly researched and the Virgo manner direct and to the point. This can be quite disarming. They are as economical with time as they are with words so that negotiations are brought to a conclusion swiftly. That probably won't stop Virgos worrying as to whether or not they got the best deal and they may need to be reminded regularly that they always do the best for the time and for the situation as it was presented.

Playing the stock market is very much an intellectual exercise for Virgos. They make fine technical analysts and not only work hard to gain information, but check their sources thoroughly. Virgos can go for long term play and are adapt at gauging how much time it might be before they see major results. They may be drawn to bio-technical stocks, computer stocks, anything connected with the health industry and commodities. In each of these cases, they have an affinity with the product and have no difficulty in assessing what is likely to be at a premium and when. Virgos recognise the value of service and are attracted to those companies which service a regular need and which have proven track record. These stocks will form the backbone to their portfolio. Nor are Virgos averse to the idea of going to the company Annual General Meeting.