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Virgo Money

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The 'stitch in time' philosophy works well for Virgos. In spending, they take time and care to research the quality of the goods they are buying and any guarantees which are offered.

It is possible to come to the conclusion that Virgos would make perfect financial partners - but this is very rarely the case. They are excellent at auditing and controlling expenditure but it is quite possible that they are overly concerned with the detail and fail to grasp the bigger picture. In fact, Virgos become quite exasperated with those who talk about acorns and oaks. For them, that process can never be hurried and there will be enough time to appreciate the oak once it is in front of them. Those who dwell in the realm of imagination or grand visions are more than just a little irritating to Virgos. It is also possible that others will see Virgos financial partners as being nit-picking, hyper-critical and fussy. That said, there are few business people who would not appreciate having a Virgo on their financial team. From credit control, to audit, to purchase manager, accountant or Finance Director, those of this sign are not afraid to look at realities and to present these clearly and regularly.

Facts are the rocks upon which all decisions are taken and Virgos have no problem in demanding accurate information from those with whom they wish to do business.