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Virgo Money

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Virgos attitude to credit card usage is controlled. It is not that Virgos do not have occasional lapses of self- control, but that even that loss of control is budgeted for. Should they exceed their personally determined limit, they readjust their spending for the next few months until the balance sheet is in order once more. Unlike many other signs of the zodiac, Virgos are well aware of how much they owe and to which card. Interest free credit arrangements are only undertaken when they are confident that they will be able to make the payments with ease. Virgos do not take unnecessary risks and are at their best when working within and to a set budget.

It is important for Virgos to have a savings plan set up. They see this as a contract between themselves and the managing firm and will question the rules and regulations governing the account before entering into commitment. Saving is essential for those of this sign. For Virgos, saving is a form of insurance against problems which may present themselves sometime in the future. It would also be unthinkable for Virgos not to consider both a pension plan and private health care. In the case of both of these plans however, Virgos know that investment is not just in taking out cover, but also in developing a routine which safeguards against potential future difficulties. For this reason, Virgos tend to spend more than other signs both on health products but also on items which will prolong the life of objects in their care.

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