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Virgo Money

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Security for Virgos lies in solid routine and this is as apparent in their attitude to finance as it is elsewhere in their lives. Quite early on in life, Virgos develop habits which stay with them throughout. From their earliest encounters with cash, they realise that it is a tool that may have a multitude of uses. To make best use of these, they need to monitor and control it well. Virgos then, husband their cash in ways unlike any other sign of the zodiac. There is something pleasurable about keeping notes of different denominations grouped together and similarly having containers for different units of currency. Notes or bills may be folded in one particular style from which they never deviate. It would be unthinkable for Virgos to have foreign currency mixed up with their own national currency and one could be assured that their purses or wallets would be streamlined in such a way as to ensure that different currencies or even coins of different value could not become mixed up. Virgos can demand so much of themselves that they have been known to make mountains out of molehills. When it is a financial mountain, they make it sound like Everest. The reality is that matters are never quite as bad as they imply and once they have taken a deep breath and regained control of themselves, they soon find that they can reorganise, re-budget and before long, be back on course.

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