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Virgo Love Friday 30th July 2021

Mars has now joined Venus in your sign. Though you might love what you do and the people you work and live with be aware that Jupiter's return to Aquarius (from your opposite sign) and which lasted until the end of the year, could yet bring moments of disarmament. A sense of humour will be needed. That's perhaps especially true at the start of next week when - and especially if there is pressure at work,- that it might seem that there is no time for romance. The art is to make time. Breaking out of your usual comfort zone should be possible by Tuesday as the Moon moves from south to north latitude. True, you might still worry over Thursday and Friday that you are doing the 'right thing' (whatever that is). And yes, if you are not yet in partnership, you could detract someone by over-worrying. Try, if you can, to be in the moment and whilst there, enjoy the attention of Taurus, Leo or Libra friends who probably want to get to know you better.