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Virgo Love Friday 7th May 2021

As the planets move around the Sun, they appear to create shapes in the sky. Presently, as viewed from Earth, all the regular planets appear contained within 180. This is an apt image for many who may feel trapped and confined yet so, so anxious to reach out and recreate their world. The good news for Virgo is that as of next weekend, Jupiter will be in your opposite sign. The potential for expanding your social world is set to increase. It helps that between this weekend and next, there is a New Moon in another of the Earth signs. This too should add impetus to bonding and finding union. Increase in romantic activity is likely from midweek. Before then, take time to consider relationships that have developed in the last two years. These may not necessarily have been of the romantic kind, but how they have developed and how you've reached greater understanding, should be illuminating and give good perspective as to what it is that you now need from a partnership.