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Virgo Love Friday 16th November 2018

Mars has now arrived in your opposite sign. That event coincides with Venus which has been retrograde for some weeks, appearing to stand still before moving forward. But on top of all of this, Mercury now appears to turn backwards. The cosmic weather then could be described as decidedly choppy. It may be that someone already very close has a change of heart. Property matters might require even further review. Note though that all signs are clearly affected by these developments and adjusting to whirlwind changes that likely can't be done in a hurry. It might be as well then to enjoy the ride and, if in partnership with someone born under one of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, accept that it could take a little while for them to adjust. There is no reason to suppose that you can't have some moments of fun along the way- especially in the days leading up to the Full Moon on Friday 23rd.