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Virgo Love Friday 22nd February 2019

Mercury has an extended stay in your opposite sign (Pisces) not leaving that sign until mid April. It's possible that someone will be toying with your affections between now and then. As they blow hot and cold, you should have ample opportunity to consider just how much involvement you really want. Note that they don't have to be born under the sign of Pisces either. Fact is, (and remember that yours is one of the more sensitive signs of the Zodiac), that you may be tuning into lots of different wavelengths and that misunderstandings could so easily occur. This weekend a fabulous aspect between Venus and Pluto could bring the return of someone who once inspired you romantically. That might even be a character in a film on novel. One way or another, it seems likely you will be craving deep emotional experience - and yes, you could have great fun in the process. Just be aware that anchoring this relationship is unlikely before mid-April.