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Edgar Rice Burroughs

1st September 1875 21:00

Chicago, IL, USA

For a characteristic to manifest an astrologer will look for the same theme to appear at least three times in the horoscope. Famous for his creation of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs' writing ability is described by three personal planets in Virgo (Venus, Sun and Mercury) in the 5 th house of creativity trine Neptune (imagination); Mercury (writing) in a supportive aspect (trine) to his Midheaven (career); and Saturn (ruler of Midheaven) in an air sign (communication). He'd previously been a salesman, clerical officer, peddler and pencil sharpener wholesaler (all associated with Mercury).

His third novel, Tarzan of the Apes, appeared in a magazine in October 1912 and his career took off. On 25 th March 1932 MGM launched the first sound Tarzan movie starring Johnny Weissmuller which was when Edgar's Progressed Midheaven moved in opposition to his natal Mercury and when transiting Jupiter was exactly square, to the minute, his Ascendant (this same aspect occurred when his book was published in 1914). In both cases, as well as when his Tarzan novel was published, transiting Pluto was making a helpful aspect to his Progressed Midheaven.