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Virgo Daily Friday 23rd August 2019

Venus' arrival in your sign on Wednesday doesn't necessarily mean that others will instantly fall in love with you. It's likely though that they will be more alert to your needs and that you'll find it hard to disguise what turns you on and what doesn't. (NB. Take someone with you if you're negotiating - you could give yourself away too easily). Your style could change a little too. You may be drawn to a fashion style that's more than mix-and-match and emphasises co-ordination - and which draws attention to your eye-colour.

I did it my way!

Are you the boss? Would you be described as ’nit-picky’? Or are you an employee who never quite finishes anything because there’s always another ’tweak’ to be done? And then – whatever your position – there’s your sensitivity to deal with. You really need things to be clean and tidy. When there’s too much disarray stress builds. You can get an idea of your week ahead by reading Virgo weekly horoscope – though given your need to see the minutia, you’d surely also enjoy the Daily Virgo horoscope too.

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