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Agatha Christie

15th September 1890 4am

Torquay, England

Agatha Christie was born at the time of a Neptune/Pluto conjunction in Gemini. When any pair of outer planets form a conjunction they generally portend the beginning of a new and important stage in the development of the whole world.

In this case Neptune/Pluto suggests some kind of limitless transformation around communication (Gemini). And it was around this time that the world began to be linked by railways, steamboats and telegraph wires. Cars and aeroplanes were beginning to make an appearance as well as photographic film and radio – all very Geminian!

From a personal perspective, this pairing is in a helpful aspect in Agatha Christie’s birthchart to the planet Mercury (which rules writing) and it is fascinating that this writer of murder mysteries (Pluto/Neptune) often chooses for her victims to die by poison (Pluto/Neptune).

Her writing ability is evident in many ways in her chart: her vivid imagination and ability to communicate well is described by a lovely Grand Trine in Air; Mercury trine Neptune (imaginative writing) and her Sun rules her 12th house (often writers seek solitude whilst working and ‘escape’ into their fantasies). She also has the ruler of her career area in the 3rd house (writing) in Scorpio (thrillers).