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Taurus Yearly 2020

Unless you lived through the 1930s, you have no prior experience of Uranus moving through your sign. The potential discontent and upset that this brought between March and early December 2019 is now set to be replaced by something entirely different. Think of it this way: you've been given a wardrobe full of new clothes and styles. Initially you may have been resistant to wear them. Now though, you can see what goes with what and what suits you. Yes this probably does require that the rest of the world to accept a new 'you' - but that may be no bad thing. Though much depends on your actual date of birth, your entrepreneurial qualities should also be close to the surfaced. True, you may be well aware of where you lack expertise. Yet during 2020 and with both Jupiter and Saturn moving through another of the Earth signs, there is the potential for you building a new platform for your talents. This is not something to be afraid of, - though with Mars retrograde from September 10 to November 14 you might wonder if you've bitten off more than you can chew. If you can maintain your natural grit and determination and give yourself points for having been bold and brave, then by the time Jupiter aligns with Pluto in mid-November you should have every reason to feel pleased that you've moved to new platform.


It's reasonable to anticipate major developments in 2020. Your expertise will no doubt be in demand. Yet your confidence could wobble; particularly from the end of June. It's arguably important that you have a trusted mentor willing to guide you. Yet with this support you could achieve much by the time Jupiter reaches the apex of your solar chart in December. By then, confidence will surely have grown. Recall that Uranus has only been in your sign for just over a year. These are still early days. It would be understandable, and especially since yours is not a sign known for taking leaps into the dark, -that steps taken have left you feeling fractionally unsafe. This may be particularly true around your birthday. Venus turns retrograde between May 13 and June 25. This could prove a costly period at many levels. All that said, by the solar Eclipse on June 21 it should be clear you are now moving your career in fresh direction.


Putting in place a financial safety net is of paramount importance in January. Certainly this is a task that should be completed by mid-February. Costs are likely to be high in 2020 -most especially between mid-May and in June. Of course, it's entirely possible that this will be created by self investment in the hope of developing a new revenue stream. Anticipate that it could take all of 2020 and longer to develop this. Be careful too that you don't overspend on marketing and advertising. All that said, the groundwork put in during 2020 has the potential to bring profit the following year. In all this, and as is the case for career matters, it would be wise to have a financial advisor or mentor to discuss matters with on a regular basis. This is particularly important between September 10 and mid-November. It may be that by the latter date you're in a position to build up a wealth fund that leaves you feeling more secure than was the case at the start of the year.


In 2020, first Venus and then Mars turn retrograde. As you might imagine, this is likely to impact relationships for all signs. This doesn't necessarily mean that there will be a complete breakdown but certainly a review of existing relationships and the need to put them on different footing will likely be necessary. This should be seen as a work in progress. In terms of meeting new people, that's indicated rather more for the end of year than at the start; presumably career and other matters will get in the way before then. All that said, July and August should bring spontaneous and magical moments - and the stuff of which memories are made.


Chiron's transit through neighbouring Aries suggests you may need to give attention to your spiritual well-being. In improving this, you will likely improve health at other levels too. It is possible that dental matters will require attention whilst Venus is retrograde between mid-May and late June and wise to attend checkups much earlier to ensure that any potential difficulties don't escalate into full-scale drama. You might also benefit from giving thought to the diet you give your brain. Are you reading good material? In feeding your brain with good words and positive thinking, you could also improve your physical welfare. Whilst this is important at any time, by December it will likely be vital given the opportunities that then present.


The Lunar Eclipse on January 10th and the Solar on June 21st accent areas of the Zodiac associated with family and heritage - clearly affecting all signs. In your case, issues around siblings might need extra attention and yes, by March 22nd require you to take on extra responsibility. Yet it's possible that by the end of the year there will be something to celebrate. A new member perhaps? Property issues too look set to warrant extra attention. You might talk about making a move - though not necessarily make it for a couple of years yet. What makes 2020 special is that during the course of the year, the bonds between you and relatives who live far away should strengthen.

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