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Taurus Yearly 2022

Roughly every decade there is a solar eclipse in your sign. This year's on April 30 is super special in that it aligns with your Uranus, the planet of alteration, deviation and entrepreneurship. True, the effect of an eclipse can be felt even some months ahead of the event and much depends on your personal chart. Yet it's entirely reasonable to suppose that by the close of 2022 your situation, - in every possible sense, - will be dramatically different to at its start. View this as new fuel being put in your tank. Relationships, finances, career, health, and playtime will all be affected. As Saturn continues its slow journey across the apex of your solar chart responsibilities are set to come your way. Yet you may have more of a say as to which you will accept, and which you will reject. Also, since 2008, as Pluto has moved through another of the Earth signs, you've no doubt been challenged to watch the demise of various ways of working and living. Given that in a few years' time, Pluto moves on into Aquarius when your long-term goals and aspirations will no doubt be altered yet again, you could perhaps startto think about training courses you'd like to undertake so that you're well positioned for the global challenges beyond 2024.


Throughout 2021, as Jupiter passed over the apex of your solar chart, doors opened and opportunities were there (though not always above the surface!). Yet following on behind, Saturn has likely brought too many responsibilities or made it difficult for you to accept developments that excited you. The good news is that in 2022, Jupiter moves on into Pisces. You can then accrue the army and support that needed to develop in areas that hold interest. It should be possible to push forward in many areas - especially between July 5 and August 20 as Mars moves through your sign. Of particular note, is the Full Moon on August 12. That really could be make or break time. It's highly likely that you will develop a second revenue stream and that its roots will eventually be seen to lie during the summer months of 2022 - most likely connected to a developing business partnership.


Uranus has been travelling through your sign for a few years now. The ups and downs of finances have no doubt tested your juggling Peter to pay Paul skills to the full. Expect more of the same - especially after the solar eclipse. But note too, that opportunities to expand your financial world should be considerable. Optimum times for this come through until mid-May and again in the last two months of the year. It would be wise, - especially during February and at the full Moon on 16th, - to ensure that you have a contingency plan in place should you experience particular turbulence (most likely driven by global situation in the last months of the year). Be prepared too, to need to invest in your career during March. It may be that you are setting the stage to develop another revenue stream.


Let's start with the difficult bit: you could experience romantic turbulence around the Lunar Eclipse on November 8. Before relations are broken off entirely, perhaps you need to consider exactly why you've reached this impasse. It may be that you've been too wilful in the first half of the year. It's not that a relationship can't be repaired, indeed, there are signs of delightful romantic experience in the second half of November. But is it really necessary to go through that turbulence in the first place? One of the issues may be finances. It may be that a partner's experiences here are very different to your own and that this is unsettling. The most favourable part of your romantic year comes so much earlier: indeed, the promise in the first six months of the year is quite extraordinary. The summer months too should bring some delicious moments. It's not too much to suggest that a holiday romance will make singular impact.


Uranus is the planet of the unexpected. When it moves through your sign, you can imagine that your cells are all fired up and put on high alert. Obviously much depends on your personal chart but, combined with Chiron, the wounded healer moving through a particularly fragile area of your solar chart, there is obvious need to take particular care. You will need to ensure you have adequate vitamin and mineral intake. You also need to do what you can to maintain mental fitness. Yours is one of the Earth signs and so benefit from being close to Earth. Being in woody places or surrounding yourself with woody scents is not a bad antidote to pressure. You might also consider making minor adjustment to your diet in July as there is danger between July 18 and mid August, of disturbing sugar balance.


Throughout 2021 Saturn formed its right angle to Uranus (moving through your sign). Pressures have no doubt been considerable with an internal war between accepting limitations and experiencing freedom. That aspect doesn't conclude for a few months but will be replaced by a whole new set of challenges. Domestically, your world could look so very different by the close of the year - but not necessarily in a bad way. Be prepared for those born under Watery Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces to expand their worlds through adventure. This might even include a move. But it's those born under Leo or Sagittarius whose life decisions could have singular impact on your own and bring jyous energy into your dometic scene.

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