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Taurus Yearly 2019

2019 should prove an extraordinary year for Taurus. From March 6th and for the next seven years Uranus moves through your sign. This planet has a justifiable reputation for bringing upheaval, disruption and chaos though it’s also extremely good at activating entrepreneurial qualities. Imagine yourself as a radio that’s been tuned to one station for a long time: mid-2018 you would have experienced static interference. As of March 2019 that increases and tuning into that station will no longer be possible. Instead, you have to find a new one. This will bring you new friends, new alliances and many opportunities. True, these look to be particularly good in December 2019 but that’s not to say that the rest of the year isn’t without its exciting possibilities. Until early December, Jupiter brings the promise of adventures though yes, issues of life, death, legacies and inheritance might need to be faced. Yet transformation and emotional contentment - if not happiness - could come too: most particularly after the solar eclipse on July 2nd.


Uranus in Taurus will likely bring fast-moving and unexpected developments. Career-wise this could affect you through change of personnel. Someone you felt would be in position forever might choose this year to move on and their replacement bring excitement to the workplace. At some point in the next few years (and of course much depends on your actual birth date), developing a side-line will surely appeal. Indeed, this might already be mooted by friends who see in you great and as yet untapped potential. These friends may come from very different backgrounds to your own and even now be unfamiliar with your many talents but fully cognizant of your reliability and steady approach. From mid-November through to early December anticipate that colleagues will push you to move out of your usual comfort zone and try something new. Since it should be clear that they have your best interests at heart and that they’re prepared to back you, you could end 2019 fast-tracking an enterprise that brings out some of your best qualities.


A change in your financial rhythm is to be expected. Even before the end of January it may be apparent that more has to be spent on home, family and transport. Repairs or replacement of a large item may be necessary. Unexpected costs could further destabilise your bank account before end of March. Adjusting to new ways of working – perhaps through enforced developments at work – will likely lead to revision of your budget. For those in financial partnership (could be a relative), the needs of that other person and their desire to travel or to invest in their further education may need to be taken into consideration. Uranus demands that you learn to roll with the financial punches and get used to inconstancy. Investments, inheritance, pensions and legacies have key roles to play too – most likely after the solar eclipse in July. Given likely disappointing returns elsewhere, by early November you may be ready to consider self-investment. Together with support from others, a fresh approach here could lead to you developing new and promising revenue streams in December.


Whatever your actual birthday, it’s clear that the aura around Taurus is changing. Whilst others might be unsure about the new force field developing around you, as many will find this attractive. Romantically you could be spoilt for choice. This might even develop into a major difficulty in July when choices might need to be made. Loyalty is important to Taurus and there’s no way in which you would wish to be accused of messing someone around. Yet it appears that for a variety of reasons you could experience emotional turmoil in July and though not necessarily connected, again in November. For those already in committed union, it would be as well to anticipate extraordinary events that prompt you and your significant other to consider new ways of maintaining your union and reigniting it.


It might not take much to put you on red alert as regards health matters in 2019. The arrival of Chiron, the planetoid associated with healing, in an area of your solar chart associated with medical matters suggests that as of April, if not before, that your regular routine will be affected by medical appointments. That does not mean that there is a problem and may be more about maintaining good health. Interest in alternative therapies will likely increase as the year progresses. In keeping with Uranus’ arrival in your sign you may find that you are susceptible to variations in EMFs. If you haven’t considered doing so before, it might be as well to turn Wi-Fi off at night. Whilst everyone benefits from earthing, those of your sign seem to need this more than others. This often manifests as interest in gardening (here you literally handle the earth) or nourishing through cooking. Looking after the diets of those around you might also be a major feature of 2019. With Uranus moving through your sign could come the desire for new tastes, smells and exotic cuisines.


Travel – most likely prompted by the needs of a relative, is set to increase. Though not necessarily related to this- the challenge of looking after those from a different generation could cause fractures. It’s rare for any year to be entirely free of trauma but in your case, on the domestic front greatest activity seems to be in July and August. Major decisions might need to be taken through those months and impact the entire family. Of course this doesn’t have to manifest negatively. It’s probable though that at least one family member will be resistant to demands and responsibilities they don’t feel able to accept. Your role may be to show then that change doesn’t have to be traumatic – though yes, first you need to practice what you preach!