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Taurus Outlook 2018


Expect upheaval in 2018. Unless you were born in the 1930s, you have no experience of Uranus moving through Taurus. This seven-year journey begins in 2018. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and that all that can be forecast with confidence is the presently unimaginable. Hints though of the vastness of change should be obvious from the Lunar Eclipse on January 31 and amplified by the solar eclipse on August 11 and Mercury's station on August 19th. Expect that week to be momentous. At the winter solstice in 2017, Saturn arrived in another of the Earth signs; marking the start of a journey through a sector of your solar chart that is all about adventure - both through acquiring knowledge and travel. Saturn, as you may know, is a hard task master. It may be that 2018 is the optimum time to start a course, begin writing that promised novel, or undertake family research. All this could take on greater urgency once Uranus reaches your sign in May. It's unlikely that you will do any of this alone. Indeed, it's probable that partnership and relationship matters will be hugely important through to early November. With the high probability of developments in family dynamics, you might decide to make major change to domestic arrangements too. True, this could be linked to career development and the need for space to develop an interest. By the close of 2018 others will surely view you in new light: an empowered bull more than ready for the challenges of the 21st century.


Until November Jupiter moves through your opposite sign. Relationships; especially with those who have specific expertise or who work on an international stage, are set to gain prominence. You may also find that those same people look to you to lead the way. With Venus, your ruling planet, retrograde in your opposite sign later in the year, affairs of the heart might not run altogether smoothly from October 6th. The recovery is probable before the end of the year, it may be that you decide by then that you've outgrown one emotional scene and need to put down roots elsewhere. One of the very real difficulties to be encountered in both friendships and partnerships of all kinds, is the growing need to balance work and play. Indeed, by the end of the year it may be that developments in your working life are the factors destabilising close unions. Much of this may be unavoidable. It might be wise however to ensure that between August 19th and October 9th especially, that you give full attention to and nurture your romantic life.


You could so take off at speed in 2018. As explained, this is an unusual year in that Uranus enters your sign for the first time since the 1930s. By the close of the year and though true, much depends on your actual birthday, a change of direction is probable. Several dates stand out: the lunar eclipse on January 31, Mars turning retrograde on June 27, another lunar eclipse on July 27, the solar eclipse on August 11 and Venus' station on October 6. Around each of these dates anticipate your resolve being tested. Your birthday month should prove particularly exciting. Between May 13th and 21st, mark time out to define new objectives. Note too, that you could receive significant support from those whose cultural background is very different to your own. It's not at all impossible that a 'political' theme will be apparent with you joining forces with those who share your goals.


Years in which Venus (your ruling planet) turns retrograde, as in 2018, can bring dis-ease to Taurus. With fast moving developments on both the home and career front, it would be understandable if by the time Venus stationed on October 6th , that your physical system was under stress. It might be wise to have several health check-ups during the course of the year and to adjust your routine to maintain fitness. This may be high priority as Mars reaches the apex of your solar chart in May. Indeed, by 2019 you could astound several people by looking completely different. Actually you might determine to embark on this project as early as March 6 and begin to see results from mid-May. By the end of the year then, your energy levels should be entirely different to those at its start.


Indicators for the first quarter of the year suggest far more going out than coming in. Turning this situation around should become easier after May 13th. By then, Mercury will have gone through an extended stay in neighbouring Aries bringing you the opportunity to fire-fight and regain control. As explained, there's high probability of extra ordinary career development in 2018. This will surely bring with it financial turbulence. It is likely that this will include the development of a new revenue stream entirely and might well be done in partnership - possibly with a family element to it. Indeed, the whole issue of a family business seems set to be raised around the Solar Eclipse on July 13th. Given the global financial situation it may be very hard to conclude the year feeling financially confident. In investing in yourself however, and particularly developing expertise, you could build a nest-egg that brings rewards, albeit many years down the line: perhaps in 2026 after Uranus leaves your sign.

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