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Taurus Weekly Sunday 18th April 2021

Your birthday month in 2021 is unusual in that Mercury, Venus and Uranus are travelling through Taurus alongside the Sun. This should bring you much attention. Your thoughts as to where you're headed, - and who with, - will likely be of interest. It's probable too, that midweek there will be considerable emphasis on your home, work and general environment and how it might be improved. For some, this could lead to re-decoration, as others consider a move or expansion. Recall that the most recent and key business cycle (begun in late December) accented the career part of your solar chart. You could now move off - and at pace - leaving others almost gasping for breath. Careerwise this should be your time. Headstrong and determined as you might appear (traits that not everyone will appreciate!), they should at least respect your determination and resilience and yes, be keen to negotiate with you.