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Taurus Weekly Sunday 17th March 2019

Uranus is now firmly established in your sign. Though it might not feel that way as yet, it's likely that others are already sensing your growing determination and strength of will. A very strong possibility - especially since Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces, - is that reviewing relationships with a group or association and indeed wondering what your long-term role is to be will rise to the top of your agenda. By the time that Venus, your ruling planet, arrives at Last Quarter phase with Mars on Thursday, you may be ready for the in-depth discussion and strategic planning that's been necessary for the last couple of years but hasn't quite happened. Much could yet be achieved. This week's Equinox coincides with a Full Moon. Impetus to arrive at a way forward will be felt everywhere. Others will likely either decide exactly which side they are on or put considerable effort into finding compromise. Either way, it may be necessary for you to check rules and regulations and to agree a new timeline. It may be that between now and mid-September has to be considered a trial period for a new way of working.