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Taurus Weekly Sunday 19th August 2018

By the end of what promises to be an extremely productive week, the Sun (moving through another of the Earth signs) makes excellent aspects to both Saturn and Uranus. You might remember that the latter is presently passing through your sign. It's probable that what you have to offer will be singularly attractive to others in the period before Sunday's Full Moon and that plans will be put in place for meetings either at the end of August or in early September. It seems several people now both want - and perhaps even need - you on board with their plans. This week, with Mercury moving forwards at the very base of your solar chart, and having reviewed your assets: financial, physical, emotional and mental, that you will have a full firm outline of what it is that you want to achieve before your birthday next year. Then, by the time that Mars stations next Monday in another of the Earth signs, agreeing a template schedule will surely be imperative. By then though you could also have exactly the right partner in place.