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Taurus Weekly Sunday 18th August 2019

The arrival of first Mars, and then your ruling planet Venus, into Virgo and the 'play' or 'research and development' area of your solar chart, suggests a decided change of pace. It could be argued that this would be the optimum time to begin a a creative project. The fact that others are willing to back you and are really interested in what could become yet another revenue stream will surely be exciting and give you much to talk about on Wednesday. It's then though, that as the Moon passes through your sign, that you should air some of aspects of this development that are worrying. It may be that you feel you have insufficient expertise or that there are administrative matters that will require greater attention before this project can be launched. You are perhaps right to address these now, and to focus on moving forward at the beginning of next month. In particular, forming an alliance with someone who's used to worrying about detail but who doesn't let that stress get to them, would surely be advantageous.