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Taurus Weekly Sunday 5th July 2020

You won't be the only sign to feel that you are taking two steps forward and one step back. The fact is that your ruling planet, Venus, is now moving forward as Mercury is still retrograde. There's high probability that a clearing up exercise simply has to be accomplished before you can truly move on. There are questions to be asked. Some of these may relate to long-term financial arrangements. Getting to grips with where you stand and what liabilities you now have should take priority. Yet you may be pleased with what you discover. All may not be as bleak as first appears. More importantly, strong connections with those who live and work far away could very slightly open the door to opportunities which, though not developing until the early part of next year, should be considered. The written word too looks to be important. Yes this could have something to do with contracts and small print -but equally, attention might need to be given to copywriting on a website.