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Taurus Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

Information comes at you from all quarters. Processing this might not be at all easy. As Venus approaches station next Friday, maintaining solid routine whilst also coping with developments far outside your control could be exceptionally challenging. It interesting that Mars leaves the career zone of your solar chart just as Venus arrives at that station. This suggests that as of next weekend that there is high probability of you changing working direction. Indeed, this may be something that's been much discussed since September. Defining how the new routine will work and what support will be needed will at some point need to be discussed. It might fall to either a teacher or someone born under Sagittarius to point out that before making this move there is yet more work to be done. Gifted as you may be in dealing with practicalities, in this instance it may be that before moving forward, a schedule will need to be agreed and that this in turn will be driven as much by marketing-timing as your own needs.