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Taurus Quarterly

With Mars, the Lunar Node and Uranus travelling through your sign throughout this quarter, the emphasis is on relationships. This combination suggests volatility. The Taurus focus in on what needs to be done showing determination, persistence and at times resistance to altering course. That could make this quarter difficult if you experience opposition: which is possible, at least through until the First Quarter Moon in your opposite sign on August 5. From then, and particularly between August 12 and 20th, the challenge is to ensure that you are not being too obstinate and that in achieving a personal goal you're also looking after the best interests of those around you. Mars leaves your sign on August 20 following the Last Quarter Moon in your sign. By early September, it's probable that one union - most likely with someone who lives and works far away,- has particular merit leading to a discussion as to how you might work more closely together.

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