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Taurus Quarterly

As of April 4th Venus, your ruling planet moves into neighbouring Gemini and doesn't leave until August. No doubt financial matters will require extra attention. Yet this is a zone associated with other values too. Your view of the world is no doubt significantly altered already - and not just by local events but also by what's happening on the world stage. Meanwhile Saturn has now arrived at the apex of your solar chart. This entire quarter should be viewed as the overture to a performance that begins fully at the December solstice. You will likely be testing out themes and revised aims and objectives. There is no rush. Though true, others might push you to make decisions; particularly where relationships or property matters are concerned. You do well to take your time and undergo weeks of reassessment. In this respect, the last few days of this quarter may be critical. Prior to then, advice from a Sagittarius could prove crucial.

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