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Taurus Quarterly

Before the end of this quarter, not only will Uranus be established in your sign, but a lunar eclipse on January 21st suggests the closure of one chapter and, importantly, the opening of another. True, the period between January 21st and March 6th could feel decidedly unsettling. You may be unclear as to who is on your team and who is pulling against you. It might help to stop and consider just how much you have changed in the last seven years, and who now brings out the best in you. Your entrepreneurial talents are set to surface once Uranus arrives in your sign on March 6. From then, doing things your way, and choosing your own team becomes imperative. Further boosted by Mars moving through your sign between February 14th at the end of this quarter you could most decidedly set new aims and objectives and show the determination to achieve these. Viewed as a six-year project, the fact that this gets off to a sticky start is perhaps not relevant. What seems likely is that you're building up long-term security.

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