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Taurus Quarterly

Taurus financial fortunes could move sharply in both directions during this last quarter of 2018. Venus turns retrograde in your opposite sign on October 5th. This should be seen as the first flag of pending change. A month later, on November 7th and coinciding with the New Moon in your opposite sign, Jupiter crosses into the financial partnership area of your solar chart. There may indeed be deals to be done. It's interesting that around this same time, Uranus, which has been moving through your sign slips back temporarily into Aries for a few months. You could view this as a trial period. Given that your entrepreneurial talents are likely to surface again around your birthday next year, it may be that you're now on a business learning curve. Investments could have much of your attention especially in the last few days of November- though any action taken should be with the guidance of a professional advisor. Travel too may be something you need to invest in - as might be a training course. With so many developments it's likely that expenses will be high. It may be however, that a sound and local investment opportunity is presented around December 7th and that this brings a boost to income before the end of the year.

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