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Paula Yates

24th April 1959 12.10

Colwyn Bay, Wales

Paula Yates, TV presenter and writer, stood out with her bleached-blonde hair. She is described in biographies as 'original with an effervescent personality', had unusual sparkling china blue eyes and possessed a flamboyant wardrobe - all attributed to the planet Uranus sitting on her Leo Ascendant.

One of her Grand Trines is in Fire, a configuration where energy flows easily between the planets and where little effort is required. In Paula's case Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus illustrate her writing ability; her witty, but razor sharp intellect and also someone who was a 'voracious reader'. She was also described as an 'olympic flirt' which is evident from her Venus in Gemini (sign of twins) in the 11th house (of friendship).

What is quite extraordinary is the composite charts between Paula and Bob Geldof and Paula and Michael Hutchence. A composite chart is the midpoints of the two natal charts which form the chart of the relationship. In Paula and Bob's there is a Sun/Venus exact conjunction in Cancer and in Paula and Michael's there is a Sun/Venus exact conjunction in Pisces. This is something I've never come across before but is evidence there was a strong love attachment to both men!