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Taurus Monthly December 2018

Your ruling planet, Venus, is now in direct motion and by the month will have returned to the degree it crossed back in early October. Until then, you may find that there is still far more going out than coming in. Reversing that financial tide will likely take a long time: though there is a chance of the flow easing from the solstice on Saturday 22nd. Indeed, it's just possible that a pleasant financial surprise could come your way a couple of days between 17th and 20th. With Jupiter now moving through an area of your solar chart associated with legacies and with joint financial investment, it may be that you and a partner give thought to a major investment to be made in 2019. It's not impossible that a deposit toward this will be paid around the solstice. A further possibility - and especially in the last week of December,- is that the sale of an item will boost coffers. It may be that this is something you have longed to be free from the sometime. Where investment is concerned, it might be worth reviewing any connection with energy companies whether as a consumer or investor and making adjustments as necessary.

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