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Taurus Monthly April 2020

Your entrepreneurial spirit is set to come to the fore - especially as Pluto arrives at its station on April 26th. You might then be ready to launch out in new direction. The fact that all this takes place after the Sun has made stressful aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto in the middle of the month, suggests you might need to dig deep into your wallet to capitalise the launch of a product or service that has been incubating for a couple of years. That this comes just a week after Mars makes right angle to Uranus (moving through your sign), suggests you will be pushed out of your comfort zone. It's probable that in finding balance - which could take some months,- you'll see the need to take a financial risk. Though usually the advice would be to discuss this first and foremost with a financial adviser, on this occasion, you might want to listen more to someone who's taken risks in the past, doesn't regret them and who offers singular support as you venture into new waters.

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