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Taurus Monthly April 2019

Uranus entered your sign only a few weeks ago and will be there for the next few years. Your entrepreneurial talents are now rising to the surface. Indeed, by the time the Sun reaches your sign on Saturday 20th, you may be raring to move forward. It's just possible that the last seven years have been preparation for this next, big step. The first 10 days of April though could find far more going out than coming in. Mars is now moving through one of the financial zones of your solar chart, and extra meetings, extra travel and the need to dialogue with experts result in over-spend. Indeed by the time that Jupiter stations on Wednesday the 10th, you may have real concerns. Putting a break - or at least limiting some expenditure - will likely be necessary. Yet by the time your ruling planet, Venus, makes excellent aspect to a stationing Pluto on Wednesday 24th, you could secure a long-term investment. In the process, you could even reduce tax liability. True, the expertise needed for this advice may be costly initially but save in the long run.

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