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Taurus Monthly August 2019

Uranus is now well established in your sign and is there for the next few years. Any latent entrepreneurial talents will surely surface. This though, will require undertake risk and asset management in ways with which you are as yet unfamiliar. You could put yourself into serious assessemtn training between August 1 and August 12. On 12th, not only does Mercury arrive at the base of your solar chart but both Jupiter and Uranus arrive at stations as the Moon occults Saturn. This is not a good date for ignoring rules and regulations. It could be argued however that this is the optimum moment to think way outside the box, and to consider investment areas in services which until now have not been deemed essential but clearly are now the way forward. Artificial intelligence and robotic engineering may be something to consider - especially after your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Virgo on 21st. With the promise of a very exciting end to the month, it may be that you will be in a position to launch a product or service or at least make clear to others that this will be available soon. You may be surprised to discover how many people want to back this. In short, there is the potential to close August feeling financially optimistic.

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