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Taurus Monthly September 2020

You surely won't be the only sign to feel financial pressure around the Full Moon on September 2. There is a very different end to the month however so shouldn't feel despondent - especially around the Last Quarter Moon on Thursday, 10th. That coincides with Mars' retrograde station. Yes, it could be that funds do not flow as smoothly as they have done in the past. And yes, you may need to think quickly in order to meet certain expenses. This though they be something you achieve with relative ease between 13th and 22nd. After that date, and with the Sun having reached the equinox, you could both trim costs and explore other ways of controlling a budget. By the time Mercury reaches your opposite sign on Sunday 27th an orgnaised approach should pay dividend. It might then be clear that optimum investment is in yourself, friends and family. This doesn't preclude commercial interests. Within this group there may be at least one person whose entrepreneurial talents you could sponsor.