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Taurus Monthly November 2018

Coinciding with the New Moon in your opposite sign on November 7th, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius as Uranus returns to Aries. It is recognised that when the slower moving planets move from one sign to another, there is generally a ripple in global financial affairs. The ripple this time could be more significant than has been the case in recent years and possibly impact your career and earnings. By mid-November, Mercury and your ruling planet, Venus, arrive at stations as Mars and the lunar node both move into Water signs. This too suggests a great financial wave and one from which it might take some time to recover. Though much may be beyond your control, a strong possibility is that from midmonth you'll need to give careful thought to investments and perhaps, as early as 20th, determine a new investment strategy. With savings taking high priority from midmonth you could also give thought to opening a new savings account.

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