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Taurus Monthly July 2020

You might reasonably wonder just how far you're going to need to dig into reserves. The answer to that may be nearly unquantifiable. Until the early part of 2021, managing long-term investments could prove extremely challenging. That said, you could choose to make small investments each month. In this respect, and with prices arguably low in some sectors, you might even find some excellent bargains. Until 12th Mercury is retrograde - an excellent time the checking what is available and which prices are falling - though you might not take full action until 20th. It's this month too, that you could learn something that is to your tax or business advantage. By the time the Sun reaches the base of your solar chart on 22nd, you could be looking forward with greater confidence though yes, it's likely true that you need to give evermore thought to the building reserves and plugging financial leaks.

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