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Taurus Monthly June 2019

It seems likely that in the days leading into the New Moon on June 3, that you will be involved in a deep evaluation exercise. It may be that there is a financial commitment you want to make but that you are hesitant about the actual timing. And yes, perhaps you are right to wait until after Venus has left your sign on June 8th. You might indeed get a better deal in the days leading into the Full Moon on June 17th. This though, is something for which you should take professional advice. You will recall that not many weeks ago, Uranus arrived in your sign. On June 11th that planet is involved in a complicated planetary picture. It's then that the desire to have your own way and perhaps, move towards investing in your own enterprise look set to become an unstoppable force. It is surely critical that you have adequate advice and support. Though you may not like all that is explained around June 20th - possibly because of the taxation rules involved - it may be that with these systems in place you can negotiate better terms and indeed, make financial improvement most likely after the Moon moves into your sign on June 28.

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