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Taurus Monthly October 2021

Until the Sun moves into your opposite sign on Saturday, October 23, there are dangers of costs soaring. You might not even see this coming in the first few days of the month. Be careful what you commit to - especially around Monday, October 4. Throughout that week the temptation to spend more than you can really afford will likely be strong. Of course, you might also be tempted by partners needs and their altered working schedule. Note however, that by the Full Moon on October 20 that Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in direct motion. This is when the brakes really could come off and you could move forward with confidence. In fact, you could make a major decision regarding finances; possibly including a large purchase or commitment to buy (23rd/24th). As is the case for all signs, particular care should be taken over 27th and 28th when there is the danger of loss. This could be a global effect with savings appearing to lose value that in turn lead you to making major decisions about how best to save and invest. Don't underestimate your ability to self teach and improve your talents in this area; especially over the weekend of 30th/31st.

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