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Taurus Monthly February 2019

On February 14 and just three weeks ahead of Uranus' arrival in your sign, Mars begins its transit of Taurus. Until that date, it would be wise to devote as much energy as possible to shoring up your position, checking savings and insurance policies. From mid-February the need to prepare to engage at a very different financial level is probable. Indeed, as early as Monday 18th you may feel the need to spend money on expert advice. This though could be a super wise move. Over 21st and 22nd, you and a financial partner could be ready to make a major commitment. Before you do, risk assessment will surely be necessary. You may also find that from February 10th, that you have increased desire to invest in both your own health, and perhaps even health stocks. Once Chiron arrives in Aries midmonth, you might also consider investing in long-term care provision or a pension. Indeed, on 23rd, you might be advised by a financial adviser that there would-be tax advantages in doing so.

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