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Taurus Money

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Taureans are the great appreciators of the zodiac. From the most simple to the most elaborate; from no expense to vast expense; Taurus gains pleasure. However, Taureans are aware that they are going to have to develop some financial acumen if they are going to be able to live their life of ' Wine, Women and Song'. To provide for both themselves and others in the way that they wish requires that they gain an understanding of money and finance, and so they set themselves on this road fairly early on - discovering that 'taking care of the pennies' results in 'pounds taking care of themselves'. Coins and paper currency are treated well by Taurus and kept tidily to prevent any muddle. Taureans take care of their cash and will try not to split paper currency until absolutely necessary. They would rather take time to see if they can make up the required sum from loose change or small denomination notes or bills. Taureans develop a careful and controlled approach to cash and arrive at a routine for emptying pockets and checking change carefully.

They are not impulse spenders and, in fact, can find the whole shopping process tedious. They have to be in the mood but once they are, they are drawn to those items which offer durability as much as quality. It is quite likely that they will have taken time to do some window shopping - if only subconsciously - before making their final commitment to purchase. It is also probable that they will have saved up the right amount and will prefer to pay cash rather than run up a credit charge.