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Taurus Money

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The debate may start genially enough but it will not be long before it is apparent that Taurus has no intention whatsoever of moving from their original position. Their persistence and determination is renowned. They may be calm and charming but they are not going to change tack. If provoked, negotiations will break down completely. An angry or outraged Taurus really can be like the bull in the china shop and break everything in sight rendering any further dialogue useless.

Should they be attracted to equities or inherit shares, Taureans take the view that building society or bank schemes which have a proven record will suit them best. It would take quite some salesman to convince those of this sign that some new fund investing in young companies overseas would offer the best gain. When pressed to pick stocks on their own, they tend to go for blue chip companies whose value over time seems to move steadily upwards. Food products, commodities and the entertainment industry all have appeal for Taurus. However, they need the services of a broker to manage these stocks for them. Taureans are generally just too slow in their pace to carve their way through the frenzy of the stock exchange floor. The whirlwind of prices going through limits that the Taurus has fixed in his mind makes this an alien place. Treasury Bonds appeal to Taureans. These are subject to markedly less volatility, and although returns are not guaranteed, a moderate rate of growth usually applies.