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Taurus Money

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The possibility that the value of the fund might not be sufficient to pay off the mortgage at the appropriate time turns them off the idea altogether. Drawn only toward those advertisements which emphasise security and simplicity, they turn away from new deals on the high street that may have a better return but look too complicated or have an element of risk attached.

Choosing Taureans as financial partners usually proves to have been a wise choice. Those of this sign understand that joy and fun are an integral part of life and balance this with the needs of practical living. Your money will be safe in Taurus' hands and there is the added benefit of a partner who understands the need to indulge in a little frivolous spending from time to time. It is not easy to persuade Taureans to change their opinions. They are courteous in argument but show no inclination to adopt a different stance to one already taken. Taurus' stubbornness and obstinacy is legendary. It would be almost impossible to convince Taureans that you had a 'safe bet' in mind. If betting is involved, they do not want to know. Taureans are better in situations where they are able to do things in their own way and in their own time.

When it comes to negotiating, Taureans don't. They determine what they are prepared to pay for a product or service and wait for the other party to realise that it is the only price they are going to pay.