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Taurus Money

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Similarly, paper currency which has a frivolous look to it and is in high denomination will also be regarded as inferior. Taureans do not want to have to pay in thousand units for a simple loaf of bread and will fail to understand why the numbers cannot be rationalised. It is at times like these that the Taurus starts to appreciate credit cards where payments will eventually be made in their own currency which they know and trust.

The accent for Taureans is always on security, but that does not mean that those of this sign are unable to enjoy the moment. This group loves to enjoy a good night out, whether this be at the local pub or at a fine restaurant. They also see artistic pleasures as being as valuable as food itself. Security for Taureans means ensuring that the larder contains all the basic products and that there are also some luxury items to complement these. They have clear focus as to exactly the standard of living that they wish to attain, and move steadily and with determination toward that goal.

For Taureans, savings are most commonly linked to real estate purchase. This forms their future security. Taureans see the most natural investment as being in bricks and mortar. Even here, their need to know exactly where they stand will show in their choice of mortgage repayment scheme. Not being risk takers, they gravitate toward a simple repayment scheme and it would take a good salesman to convince them of the value of a pension linked mortgage or index linked endowment.

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