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In their choice of bank, Taureans gravitate toward a bank that presents conservative appeal. They do not want to have to grapple with new ideas from the banking community but want a straightforward service. Home banking may sound like a nice idea to them, but the reality of having to master any new technology would curtail such an exercise very quickly. The new smart card payment systems which do away with cash entirely are unlikely to appeal to this group who favour more traditional methods. It has even taken them some time to come to terms with debit and cash cards. Taureans juggle these with ease however, and make use of these in a practical way. It is unlikely they will run up huge debts with credit cards and they are likely to make a note in their diaries as to payment date and make sure that they clear their account as swiftly as possible. It is often said that Taureans are the natural bankers of the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, they have a wonderful understanding of the need to balance income and expenditure. They know the importance of building a sound capital base and good credit rating.

When travelling abroad leads them to having to deal with different currencies, Taureans appreciate those coinages which have a solid feel to them. Those coins which are made up of different alloys, and which carry no 'weight' to them, will tend to be regarded with disdain.

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