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Taurus Love Friday 14th December 2018

On Monday, your ruling planet, Venus, returns to the position held at its retrograde station back in October. You may remember that this was in your opposite sign. If you've been negotiating turmoil, all should become so much clearer from Monday. Even if the chips are down, at least you should know exactly where you stand. It's likely though, and especially if you're already in partnership, that you and that special person will be getting to grips with a new situation and uniting as though getting ready for battle. For those not yet in partnership full lightning might not strike until next Friday, when it may be clear that Cupid is preparing arrows. It's even possible you will be caught in some crossfire. Even if you're craving romance for yourself, you could be exhilarated and pleased to see that it's going on around you even if you're not experiencing it directly. All that said, the aura around you will likely be changing and as of Monday, your attractiveness increase.