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David Beckham

2nd May 1975 06:17 BST - 1:00

Walthamstow , England.

David Beckham, professional footballer, is renowned for his accuracy with the ball, particularly when taking free kicks. His chart has Mercury rising in Taurus, surely a signature for a sense of touch which has been honed through hours and hours of practise - the sign of Taurus being renowned for persevering and dogged determination. In addition David has a Capricorn Midheaven and is therefore someone who takes his career very seriously, is professional, who will set goals and attain them through hard work and being focused and eventually become very skilled in his chosen path. The Moon sitting in conjunction with the Midheaven shows him being in the public eye.

David has a Cardinal T-Square consisting of Jupiter in Aries opposing Pluto in Libra both squaring Saturn in Cancer. People with Cardinal T-squares are goal orientated (pun not intended) and have lots of drive and energy but can sometimes react too hastily (remember the World Cup 1998 game against Argentina )! Jupiter in Aries shows a very competitive nature made all the more so with its opposition to Pluto and this energy is connected to his career by Saturn's involvement. Again this aspect pattern shows someone who is dedicated to pursuing his own goals.