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Scorpio Yearly 2020

You have had the best part of a year to get used to Uranus travelling through your opposite sign. No doubt this has brought unexpected challenges your way. The unpredictability of others and occasional disloyalty has no doubt been unsettling. Of course much depends on your actual birthdate. Even so, these next few years are likely to bring further chaos but yes, also excitement your way. Coinciding with the Spring Equinox in March, Saturn moves into another of the Fixed signs, Aquarius. Though it will backtrack into Capricorn for a few months during the year, this should be the first signal of the need to review where and how you live and work. Family property may be involved. You might also need to deal with legacies and perhaps the archiving of important material. Both Venus and your ruling planet, Mars, have retrograde periods in 2020. The former has relevance for relationships and the latter, particularly between mid-September in mid-November, might require you to confront heath isue and day-to-day management. Yet mid-November, Jupiter aligns with your other ruling planet, Pluto. View this as marking a signifant overture ahead of the new cycle that begins on December 20 and will last way beyond your lifetime. It's from that date, that your own legacy becomes increasingly important.


It wouldn't be so surprising if, by the end of the year you chose to find a new platform for your considerable talents. As is likely to be the case for many people, the option of working from home will need to be considered. Whether this is driven by health, poor transport or finances, by the end of the year you will likely need to designate an area for developing a new revenue stream. As has been mentioned, Venus turns retrograde between mid-May and late June. During this time you could find yourself mopping up after someone. The crisis management required should bring you to the attention of others who then recognise an as yet untapped talent. It's entirely possible that sometime between November 14 and December 20 you'll be considering an offer which, at the start of the year seems inconceivable, but which by then, feels made-to-measure.


2020 promises to be a year of considerable difficulty. An esteemed colleague has already described this is the year of the 'Great Financial Reset'. It may not be possible to avoid upset. It is surely imperative then to focus on security and good maintenance. The optimum time for reviewing your position would be mid-February to early March. Putting in place savings plans before Saturn reaches the base of your solar chart on March 22 would surely be prudent. Emergency expenses are likely to arise during Venus retrograde period between mid-May and end June. Challenges of a different kind, - but which similarly deplete savings could come between mid-September and mid-November. Yours though is a sign known of fiscal responsibility. You can practice thrift management and indeed, by mid-November leave yourself well-placed to make investment in the new business cycle which begins on December 20.


In a year when both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods, relationship issues are likely to be uppermost for all signs. Greatest difficulty is likely to come in the 40 days between mid-May and late June. It's then that you could feel that someone is talking at you but not necessarily listening either to what you say or even acknowledging your body language. If you're in long-term committed partnership such a challenge can be overcome. For a relationship just getting off the ground, and even if this is put back into balance during July and August, be aware that from mid-September through to the mid-November you might need to cope with more challenge. Possibly because you're involved with a family matter or because your workload is increased, giving adequate attention to romance between mid-September and mid-November might not be easy. On a positive note however, the year concludes with Jupiter's arrival at the base of your solar chart, and should bring an emotional wave that you enjoy surfing.


In late June, Mars enters Aries where it meets with Chiron (the planetoid associated with medical matters). In July you could be alerted to a difficulty that prompts the need to give greater attention to physical fitness. Iron levels may be low. It certainly wouldn't be a bad idea to have these tested ahead of that date and to ensure that vitamin and mineral levels are adequate. Involvement in someone else's health difficulties is probable - especially through the fourth quarter of the year. It wouldn't be so surprising if others talked about you as having a 'magic, healing touch'. Certainly the aura around you could make all the difference to someone's well-being.


As of March 22, and for the next couple of years, Saturn moves across the base of your solar chart bringing extra family responsibilities your way. You could view this as marking the beginning of a 30 year cycle. There is also much larger cycle that begins on December 20. Both indicate that your place within the family is set to become increasingly important. A health matter (not necesarily your own), could dominate the year. This needn't be physical health but awareness of someone's deep unhappiness. One of your great gifts is to understand what others are going through and to ease the path of pain. It is probable too that you will be greatly involved in someone's house-move' - inevitably affecting family dynamics.

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