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Scorpio Yearly 2019

Anticipate a year of high drama. The arrival of Uranus in your opposite sign suggests instability. It could be that you begin to work with those who are eccentric or that an existing partner goes off in fresh direction or, as likely, that you connect with someone whose confidence in a project is such that you want to join forces. This could yet be a remarkable year for romance as for business alignment. That said, asset management will require care. It's most unlikely that finances will run smoothly and that the ups and downs will be considerable. Family affairs are also likely to be subject to radical change. Power could shift. You may find that you're called on to bail out someone in distress or that you need to give financial guidance. Jupiter's transit of neighbouring Sagittarius will no doubt bring you into contact with those who live and work at long distance. Maintaining contact with these people and ensuring you have correct email and cell phone numbers should be viewed as part of your asset management in 2019 in preparation for 2020.


An offer or opening may be too much to resist around the Lunar Eclipse on January 21st. With the lure of better reward, it would be understandable if you positioned yourself ready for action when Uranus moves into Taurus on March 6th. The potential to develop a new start-up in partnership increases after that date. The more you try to cling on to a routine the less likely that may be possible. You will need to go with the flow. Fortunately, Jupiter's presence in one of the Mutable signs until December 3rd should be helpful in this respect. Even so, you could find April and through to May 15 particularly challenging - as may be mid-August through to early November. Throughout these periods especially, it would be wise to ensure that you have the relevant cell phone numbers and email addresses for those with whom you want to build closer association after Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 3rd.


Theory teaches that the one year in twelve when Jupiter moves through Sagittarius, that those born under Scorpio experience financial growth. There are though exceptions to every rule: in 2019, with Uranus' moving through your opposite sign there's high probability of financial turbulence. Navigating the twists and turns of the year will require courage. Day-to-day finances will require ever more care. Yet those of your sign are known for financial acumen. Once Chiron moves into Aries at the end of February and by then very much on red alert, you could make adjustments that allow for increased costs. Another possibility in 2019 is bartering services for goods. This is an area in which your sign excels. The courage you access in January and which could culminate in a fairly dramatic change of career direction, might yet propel you into challenging yet rewarding financial waters. At the end of March, - and even whilst Mercury is retrograde in another of the Water signs - your astuteness could hone in on a potential bargain. True, rewards might not be realised until late September. These should counterbalance emergency costs that arise between March and May so that by the time Jupiter leaves the area in which it's supposed to bring bounty, you at least break even.


You could be more than a little shaken by events around the lunar eclipse on January 21st and again after Uranus arrives in your opposite sign on March 6th. Though this could be as much linked to career direction and family matters, it's very likely that a key relationship will be a factor in developments. 2019 could yet go down as the year when you experience romantic excitement - and turbulence. Key periods for romantic activity include the Full Moon on May 18th and between the solar and lunar eclipses of July 2 and 16th, again at the very end of August and during Venus' transit of your sign between October 9th and November 1st . Perhaps more spectacularly, the period November 19th through to the end of the year will be extra special. With so many indicators of strong activity in 2019 this year could yet prove romantically remarkable.


Health matters might require attention after Chiron moves into Aries at the end of February. Weighing up the costs of taking action versus 'watch and wait' could prove a demanding exercise throughout March. By early May it may be imperative to do something so as to secure your long-term well-being. Looking after your spine may be especially important particularly given that you may feel to be carrying extra responsibilities from the solar eclipse on July 2nd to late September. You might also determine, - and especially after Mars enters your sign on November 19th to undertake more rigorous physical activity so as to conclude the year in as good a shape as possible.


Uranus is the planet of emergency and chaos. Yet it's not all bad news. It brings a shakeup and yes, family dynamics are set to change markedly. The ending of one responsibility could coincide with the arrival of another. You may find yourself flitting between two homes (or places where you have emotional bonds) particularly after the solar eclipse on July 2nd and before Jupiter and Uranus arrive at stations on exactly the same date on August 12th . The solar eclipses of 2019 signal a year of considerable eventfulness in the lives of siblings, close neighbours and perhaps even cousins: each requiring you to give emotional if not financial support. As challenging will likely be Mars arrival in your own sign from November 19th . From then, and perhaps linked to a romantic opportunity, you could find yourself very much in the family driving seat with others keen to know your plans for 2020 and where they then fit in.