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Scorpio Yearly 2022

You'd surely expect that a year with a solar eclipse in your sign would be special, and indeed 2022 should be just that. The overture starts at the solar eclipse six months earlier - on April 30 in your opposite sign. Someone to whom you are already very close, is likely to go off at tangent and effectively open the door for you to follow. Note too, that with Jupiter passing through another of the Water signs until mid-May, that having fun, increasing speculation, and generally putting more emphasis on play rather than work seems likely. Balance comes later in the year. From mid-August, Mars has an extended stay in Gemini which could lead to increased activity through financial partnership. There is also high probability of rising costs demanding a review of where you live and work. With the solar eclipse on October 25 should come opportunity to enrich your life journey - most probably through joining forces so yes, relationships and business partnerships are high profile in 2022.


It's very likely you will be moving on in 2022. This needn't be an entire change of career, but certainly a change of scenery or environment. From mid-August through to the end of the year it you should be super busy with financial matters demanding increased attention (possibly tax related). By then you may be working with someone who is just setting up in business. This might even be a sideline with extraordinary potential. An interesting feature of 2022 is that you may find that quite unexpectedly others move on to new positions leaving you in charge. This may not have been part of your long-term planning but present fabulous opportunity to display your grit, determination and resilience. Not long after the solar eclipse in your sign on October 25, you could embark on fresh career adventure.


Between April 15 and mid-May, the urge to speculate may be irresistible. You'd surely do well with anything deemed cutting-edge. That said, you might though do better to wait until the last six weeks of the year when there may be even more bargains available. It might help to think back to 2010 and 2011 and how well you did with financial affairs then. The cosmos doesn't do exact repeats, but there are likely to be echoes. There is high probability of increased expenditure from late August through until the early part of 2023 - much of this entirely beyond your control and potentially linked to increased prices generally. Yet it's also probable that a global downturn will leave promising buying opportunities during your birthday month. Being prepared for these would surely be wise.


It's reasonable to expect that with Jupiter moving through the 'affairs of the heart' area of your solar chart, that your romantic life will take on fresh momentum - especially from start of the year to early May. It might even be that someone new enters your life around the Solar Eclipse on April 30. The impact this person has will surely be considerable - especially in the last two weeks of July when you could surf an extra- ordinary romantic wave that reaches its crest between 28th and 31st of that month. If there are to be romantic difficulties in 2022, these could occur between October 23 and November 16 when there is potential for getting involved in a messy situation that is emotionally wounding and takes time to heal.


Chiron, the planetoid associated with health matters has been moving through another of the Mars-ruled signs. In the last couple of years, you may have been made aware of health weakenesses: most likely in the head area. True, this is a recurrent theme for many signs, and mental health is now viewed a priority. In your case it might not be mental health that's so important but perhaps eye and dental care. These warrant extra care between May and late October. It might be wise to avoid intense treatment between August 21 and early September: a period that should be useful for healing but not for radical treatment.


It goes without saying that much depends on your personal chart. That said, with Uranus continuing its journey through your opposite sign, it's very likely that there will be continued shakeups in your environment and yes, within the family. These may not be entirely comfortable. Following on from the solar eclipse in your opposite sign on April 30, there is potential for you to make radical changes that are much to your long-term benefit. True, you may not like the effort required. Yet renovations and review of domestic arrangements is likely essential. Until mid-May, give careful thought to the kind of adventures that you and other family members enjoy. It might even be possible to plan for, and then enjoy, one of these in the last six weeks of the year.

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