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Scorpio Outlook 2018


Text books would suggests that until November 7th, as Jupiter passes through your sign, this should be 'your' year. And yes, there may well be periods when you appear to be 'in luck'. It's as likely that as you'll be in the mood for more (of everything) and that at least some of those needs will be recognised and that you'll attract what you think you need: perhaps not quite the same as feeling that the cosmos has only bountiful gifts packaged ready for Scorpios! Yet 2018 is special: it's 84 years since Uranus last visited your opposite sign, Taurus. From that ingress on May 15th, your world - and yes, other signs too - will be shaken by unexpected events that prompt rethink after rethink - which could be a 'good' thing. Partnerships seem to be the platform for greatest change; with mid-May finding you swept away in a new direction - either at last in or at last out of a relationship. Before May, and related to the lunar eclipse on January 31st, your aims and objectives with specific regard to career, come into the spotlight. Something you thought you wanted may not be 'right' for you after all. By the solar eclipse on February 15th, you'll likely be embarked on entirely new path with daily routine significantly altered as a result. From March 8th through to May 3rd working hours may be anything but ordered. It might help to think 'freelance' through these weeks and accept that with so many irons in the fire by then, that you'll need all wits about you and might need to work 24/7 to keep up. A day after Uranus enters your opposite sign, Mars reaches the base of your solar chart (May 16th). One possibility is someone walking into your life and shaking you to the core. The other possibility is that someone will decide to move on - so leaving a career opening for you. A transition period is probable especially since Mars, one of your ruling planets turns retrograde on June 27th. That date marks the start of a highly disturbed period: 2018 is unusual in that both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods and that two solar eclipse occur within weeks of one another. Venus will actually turn retrograde on October 6th - and in your sign. It won't complete its apparent loop in the sky until December 17th. The entire period then from late June through to mid December could prove turbulent and not just with regard to career. From the New Moon on November 7 opportunities that you thought lost could reappear. Indeed, it may be that others by then deduce that you really are the answer to some of their problems and that before the end of the year your place on a team is secured.


A series of eclipses in 2018 affecting Fixed signs of the zodiac (like yours) suggests the closing of certain chapters and the opening of others. From the lunar eclipse on January 31st through to the solar eclipse on August 11th , should prove exciting if unsettling (remember, Fixed signs are often resistant to change). On August 19th, something you thought lost from the very beginning of the year could return for reappraisal. You don't need to accept this deal and indeed might prevaricate all the way through to the New Moon on November 7th. It may be that someone is finding it difficult to work without you being around and needs to find a way for the two of you to work together again. One of the most interesting features of 2018 is that your intensity, passion and deep committed-ness will surely be obvious to all. Though true, you might only now be getting truly interested in something about which you knew little until recently, it should be clear by September that you have every intention of probing this further and excelling in this field. Research, marketing, and coping with attention - even during periods when you'd prefer to keep hidden, - all seem to be part of the learning curve for 2018.


With Venus retrograding in your sign and Mars retrograding over the base of your solar chart - together with the eclipses of 2018, your romantic world could be turned on its head again and again. It's not unusual for Scorpios to experience eternal triangles and other forms of emotional tension. 2018 looks set to offer perfect conditions for you to test romantic resolve and experience extraordinary highs and lows in the process. The good news is that the final weeks of the year promise calm after significant if exciting storm.


Key to good health in 2018 may be containing toxins. As Jupiter passes through your sign, your body might well crave foods that are richer than usual. These though could build up problems. You could consider setting aside fasting periods. You might also, during Mars retrograde period from June 27th to August 28th, focus on building up core strength. Whilst spiritual health should always be top priority, you may find it easier to tune into your higher voice in late May and again from November 16th to the end of the year.


The entire world is likely to be financially challenged during 2018. If cycles really do repeat, then investments will surely be significantly down by the end of the year. You will likely need to access the financial acumen for which your sign is renowned. Doing this against the background of Jupiter in your sign (when expensive tastes surface) will surely not be easy. Yet if you can keep this trait under control (late May being particularly challenging), then, and with some cash to spare, you should be in a position to seize bargains in the fourth quarter. It's hard to imagine that you won't have to dig deep into reserves in 2018. Making friendship and networking your best investment should be considered a wise move.

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