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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 20th January 2019

Soon after Monday's lunar eclipse and before the Moon reaches the apex of your solar chart on Wednesday, it's time to reassess your position and authority. It may be that you feel the need to flex muscle. Perhaps you're right in thinking that others have lost sight of what's important. Galvanising others and ensuring that a team is both in place and in full working order by Friday may be a tall order but nothing you can't manage. The key thing here is that as of Monday you should know exactly where others stand and how much energy they have available to fulfil responsibilities. Though you might not concur with some of their findings, you'll surely agree that at least now a plan is emerging. It would be wise not to underestimate your powers of persuasion. Indeed, in harmony with someone who has clear and proven administrative abilities you could make great headway before the last quarter moon in your sign on Sunday.