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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 18th April 2021

Yours is one of the Fixed signs of the Zodiac. It's not easy for others to push you around. You know how to stand firm. You may need to test the strength this week when so many planets are grouped in your opposite sign. Others will no doubt have many ideas as to what is best for you. You though, need to listen to your inner voice. This is not to say that you can't work in partnership. Indeed, if someone takes the time and trouble to listen to your ideas and to work with you, a formidable union could be formed. The important thing here is that they do listen and knowledge that ideas and plans you've been incubating now for many months are now at a stage when they can be openly discussed. Careerwise, you could move forward and at speed. There is every likelihood of a partnership being formed or at least discussed ahead of making major decisions by the Full Moon in your sign on April 27.