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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

This should prove one of the more important weeks of the year. It's not simply that there is a solstice on Friday and at that event coincides with the opposition of Mars and Pluto (your two ruling planets), but that this event comes soon after a key Full Moon on Monday. It's at this lunation that you could be alerted to decisions taken - most likely by people who work some distance away from you, but which will have major impact on your plans. Mars is passing through another of the Water signs. And yes, think of this as being hot water. It's not the case that you'll drop yourself 'right in it', but that you could feel as though you are swimming in tides that are tumultuous. By Friday it may be important to make a career decision. Whether or not this involves taking a stand, or alternatively considering a major investment, one way or another, you could be moving to new career platform. The process will no doubt be exhausting and require at least the weekend to recover from before, just possibly, having something to celebrate early next week.