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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

It could feel as though you've reached a dead end. The Sun opposes Saturn across the backbone of your solar chart and does so just as the Moon moves from South to North latitude. These two elements combined suggest the closing of one door but yes, the opening of another. True you might wish to proceed super cautiously. Yet it should be apparent within days that others want to talk - not just about what has been, but what could be. True, their plans are likely not anchored as yet but soon will be. And yes, this could take off in quite unexpected direction. You could even find yourself 'star of the show' by the weekend. Recall that Uranus is moving through your opposite sign. Yes, it might seem that others are getting all the attention. It might not take much for them to note that you have something valuable, interesting and different to say. Your voice could be heard loudly and clearly by the end of the week -especially since you seem to have understanding of the history of why the situation has developed.