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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 5th July 2020

Mercury is still retrograde in another of the Water signs. This provides special 'thinking' and reflection time. The fact that it's retrograde in an area of your chart is all about deep understanding and learning suggests that like a sponge, you are ready to soak up information. It's probable that this is focused either on health or daily essentials. Health needn't be in any negative sense whatsoever. It may be that you need more physical exercise and that in doing this, you will generate an internal energy that gives you the enthusiasm to master a subject or solve a puzzle. A strong possibility is that an old book or document will trigger a strong reaction prompting thoughts as to how you could make better use of income and how it's generated. At a different level entirely, you may be asked to give someone investment advice: the process leading to the realisation that you know far more about this area than you thought.