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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 19th August 2018

Mercury is at last moving forward across the apex of your solar chart. Progress should soon be made. Bear in mind that Mars, one of your ruling planets, doesn't turn direct until just after next Sunday's Full Moon. It could be, that you're ready to plan to take action from next Monday, 27th. Before then making new connections could be most important. You might also need to return to contacts made much earlier in the year: discovering in the process that many of those people are now in new positions. Note too, that for the first time that a great many years, the two planets Saturn and Uranus form a special triangle in Earth signs. This should bring practicalities to the fore. The combination of your undoubted flair and intuition with the practical skills and reliability of some colleagues, could well result in a fabulous few weeks ahead. Key presently may be to let your imagination run riot and, especially in the days leading up to next Sunday's Full Moon, visualise not just the outcome of a project but enjoyment of the process. That mental energy could translate into an ease of working that makes team operations delightful