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Scorpio Weekly Sunday 24th October 2021

Think back over the last couple of years. What hasn't been accomplished?. But what have you achieved? What do you want to do by the end of this month? This is more than just completing tasks before your birthday, this is about determining where you are on your life journey. What other experiences do you want to have? In the lead up to Thursday's Last Quarter Moon (that accents the apex of your solar chart) would be the perfect time for thinking futuristically and determining new timelines. These are not, repeat not, 'deadlines'. What is clear, in this extra- ordinary year when Saturn and Uranus are at right angles to one another, is that this aspect is putting particular pressure on all those born under Fixed signs like your own. It's actually good timing for re-addressing your life map and making alteration where necessary. To this end, you, (along with certain other signs), would surely benefit from reviewing your CV.