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Scorpio Quarterly

On November 9th, just after the New Moon in your sign, Jupiter leaves Scorpio for its year-long stay in Sagittarius. This could bring a boost to your finances. However, you may remember that as of October 5th, Venus is retrograde in your sign for some weeks. It's probable then that you have some catching up to do before you can embrace the opportunities that Jupiter should bring. It's probably fair to say that these next couple of years are going to bring global financial challenge. It may not be possible to avoid the worst of this altogether, yet those of your sign do seem to have inbuilt financial radar. It may be possible for you to avoid many of the rocks. It should also be possible for you to identify periods of opportunity. One of these could appear before the solstice on December 21st. Indeed, from mid-October you may be aware of those who are headed towards the financial brink and who may be cutting prices as a result. Though obviously much depends on your personal chart, there is every reason to think that from mid-November that you will not only be shoring up your position, but will identify investment opportunities that could be taken between now and May of next year.

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