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Scorpio Quarterly

This quarter divides neatly into two halves: until August 20 when Mars moves through your opposite sign, and the long period following that, when Mars moves into Gemini. It's interesting that August 19 marks the Last Quarter Moon in your opposite sign too. Mid August should prove a highly eventful time - particularly with regard to close partnerships. It's likely imperative that from July 20 through to early August that you ensure you're not being asked to carry more responsibility than is reasonable. Pleased as you may be that others recognise your considerable talents, it's surely important that responsibilities don't sabotage valuable leisure time. Focus on leisure and pleasure is arguably vital between August 12 and 20th. Thereafter, joining forces with someone well-versed in administration and detailed paper trail management from August 26 is probable. Note that Mercury turns retrograde on September 10 (also a Full Moon), and that it would be as well to be prepared for extra expenses - most likely linked to either increased travel costs or admininstrative delays.

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