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Scorpio Quarterly

Saturn has arrived at the very base of your solar chart but will retreat back into Capricorn for a few months before making full ingress at the December solstice. You could view this quarter as the overture. Saturn is all about putting down roots and taking responsibility. Often, its transit over the base of the chart brings focus on property matters, legacies, inheritance and yes, the assumption of greater family responsibilities. A byproduct is that it can also make you acutely aware of your age! Given that Venus enters Gemini on April 4th, and for an extended stay,- it may be that some decisions are driven by health concerns. This need not be your own health but those of closest to you. Another feature of this special time would be delving into both the mysteries of life and determining that a research project needs to get underway sooner rather than later - though distraction could come in the form of friends leaning on you even more than usual for emotional support. Whilst they're probably right in identifying that you have the compassion and indeed the interest, it would be wise to ensure that your own health isn't compromised by giving so much to others. You will need sanctuary time - perhaps especially around the Solar Eclipse on June 21. Arranging some time away should prove therapeutic.

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