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Scorpio Quarterly

Mars, one of your ruling planets is now moving through the other sign with which its associated Aries. It doesn't leave their until early 2021. Through this time is passing through the work sector of your solar chart. Expect to be busy and expect that what you are asked to do will give rise to considerable irritation. This may be especially true after Mars turns retrograde on September 10th. At that point frustration that others have not kept pace could be considerable. It is arguably important that you make the most of Venus' move through another of the Water signs between August 8 on September 6, to boost confidence in an area which a few months ago was alien. Your ability to assist others in nurturing their plans looks set to increase too. Note that Saturn has now returned for a few short months to Capricorn. It won't revisit this area then another three decades. Between now and December improving communication skills and yes, perhaps undertaking courses that would improve your typing, or ability to study, would surely be time well spent. A further, and strong possibility is that you will assist in the transformation of a service or product and that your ability to tune into future requirements will be much appreciated.

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