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Scorpio Quarterly

Before this quarter concludes, Uranus makes its final move into your opposite sign, Taurus. And yes, it could feel as though the entire world has gone wonky. Prior to that event, Chiron (the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus) moves into another of the Mars-ruled signs, Aries. This puts considerable accent on the working area of your solar chart. There is high probability of corrections needing to be done. In fact, this may be apparent in that period between the solar Eclipse on January 7th and the lunar that accompanies it on the 21st. During those two weeks, you are likely to find where loyalties lie and where they'd been misplaced. It might help to be aware that the New Moon on February 4th accents the very base of your solar chart. A new moon implies new beginnings. Put this together with Chiron's ingress and Uranus' move into your opposite sign, and it's entirely possible but by the end of this quarter, you will be involved in a very different working setting and relationship. Though true, you may feel that others are pushing you into action before you have all the facts, the fact is that you could run with a ball that is pushed towards you, and 'score a goal' as Mercury reaches its direct station on March 29th.

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