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Scorpio Monthly June 2019

You won't be the only sign giving thought to long-term financial provision this month. In fact, several signs could tune into the same needs. Fact is that Mars is now passing through another of the Water signs,Cancer. Though the transit happens every couple of years, this one is different in that at the start of June, Mars will cross the degree of the solar Eclipse on July 2nd. Think of this as heralding the changes to come. It's true that the present planetary pictures all suggest tension and that there is perhaps no way of avoiding the difficulties that are likely to occur around the solstice on Friday, June 21st. Certain signs may be on high alert aware that these changes are coming. You would certainly fall into this category. It might be wise as Mercury also moves through Watery Cancer between 5th and 26th, to look carefully through investments and see which are now redundant and which could be improved upon. In focusing on essentials you might also find that there are bargain basement buys to be had. In short, though you may not push your financial affairs forward in the last days of June, you could at the very least plug leaks.

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