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Scorpio Monthly December 2018

The Lunar Node has now passed through into another of the Water signs, Cancer. Taken as part of the business cycle, this suggests we are now in adownward phase. As Mercury stations in your sign at the New Moon on Friday 7th, you might not need to look far to see potential bargains. It may be wise to wait to make purchases until after Venus has returned to the position held at its retrograde station back in October. This suggests that between 17th and 20th you could make some highly astute moves that make clear to all that you have considerable financial acumen. Though December is usually an expensive time for all signs of the zodiac, and though this year is unlikely to be an exception, what is different in 2018 is that the solstice on 22nd is also a Full Moon. The energy around that date could suit you particularly well -especially if you're engaged in any kind of property management. It may be that between the 24th and 31st, that you can join with neighbours, reach good understanding and collectively make arrangements to share costs at the beginning of 2019.

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