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Scorpio Monthly November 2020

2020 has already proven to be a challenging financial year. After the dramatic falls back in March, stock markets have surged: yet you might reasonably wonder how long this can continue given the extra ordinary events driven by Covid 19. You surely won't be the only sign to take time out to appraise your situation whilst Mercury is still retrograde in the first couple of days of November. A marked change of mood though comes on Wednesday 4th. It is then that you could be tempted back toward making investment - possibly via advertising or media. The following week on Thursday 12th, and for the last time in your lifetime, Jupiter and Pluto form a conjunction in Capricorn. That they do so just slightly ahead of one of your ruling planets, Mars, arriving at its station, suggest that you, like many, will decide it's time to make investment. In your case that might require the sale of an item first. Altering financial course is never easy, and you will likely require support from an elder or financial advisor. Avoiding a financial banana skin -especially around the First Quarter Moon on November 22 will likely require support from those familiar with loss and realignment. The good news is that soon after Friday 27th, even if stability can't be restored, you will likely feel you've moved in fresh and promising direction