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Scorpio Monthly February 2019

It may well feel that as though far more if going out than coming in this February. That seems to be especially true from midmonth when Mars arrives in your opposite sign. Within a couple of days Chiron, (the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus) moves from Water sign Pisces into Mars ruled Aries. For you, this suggests considerable accent on medical matters and health generally. It may be that investing in these has to take priority. Securing long-term assets - notably your health and other valuable items, will surely be high priority especially from the New Moon on 4th. That date coincides with Venus moving into Capricorn. It may be that an urgent bill or awareness of one en route to you, prompts review of your general position. It might be as well to be prepared for cash emergencies midmonth. Yet it does appear that cash spent will be done so wisely and with a view to long-term investment. Indeed, by the last day of the month when the Sun makes excellent aspect one of your ruling planets, Mars, you may feel that you've adopted a stitch in time policy and saved on long-term cost.

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