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Scorpio Monthly August 2018

One way of viewing cosmic activity is to imagine driving conditions: throughout August it might seem that there are many diversions and people doing three-point turns before returning to their starting points. It's likely to be late August - after both Mercury and Mars (one of your ruling planets) are in direct motion, before there's any semblance of order. That doesn't though mean that August can't be a financially constructive month. Indeed, the Solar Eclipse on August 11th, accenting the apex of your solar chart, suggests a new financial pace may be in the offing. Note though that Mercury is retrograde until 19th - at which point it stations exactly opposite the lunar eclipse of January 31st . This could mark the end of the cycle. True, it could take more than just the last two weeks of August to recoup and restructure. It should be obvious though that by the time the Sun moves into Virgo on 23rd, that the path ahead will be different and that to use that driving analogy, you'll soon pick up speed.

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