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Scorpio Monthly January 2020

As you may know, some planets appear to work better in some signs than others and some signs respond better to certain combinations. Whereas the heavy duty alignment of so many planets in Capricorn will doubtless be demanding but everyone, it is possible that Scorpios will work quickly - and positively - with the energy it brings. True, the two eclipses that precede this, respectively on December 26th and January 10th could bring to a conclusion an arrangement that has been around for perhaps as much as a decade. This though maybe something you have prepared for. You may be more than ready to review assets - particularly where property is concerned and to make plans for further development in 2020. Resisting January sales temptations will likely not be difficult and unlike many others, you could conclude the month having maintained control of the cash flow. That said, if there are expenses, these mayall be linked to either health or the acquisition of expertise. Either way you could view these costs as investments.

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