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Scorpio Monthly October 2021

October opens with a retrograde Mercury and Venus and Mars in mutual reception - a mix indicating financial turbulence - especially for long-term savings (pensions and investments). Until the New Moon on October 6th, obtaining good grasp on your financial position might not be easy. Yet within hours of that New Moon you could do precisely that - and determine (most likely between 7th and 11th),an approach that would at the very least, shore up any perilous financial state and even offer the opportunity to invest and move forward. This should be particularly apparent in the week beginning Monday 18th. Indeed, by 22nd, when your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, come to right angle to one another you could so, so impress someone with your approach to negotiation. Yes, you might still need to 'give a little' over 27th and 28th. It seems highly likely though that by Saturday 30th you will have struck a deal that is efficient and sees your needs being met. Should it be that you're in the fortunate position of being able to invest, then you might consider businesses that offer research analysis and data management.

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