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Scorpio Monthly November 2018

The Scorpio New Moon on November 7th coincides with Jupiter's arrival in your neighbouring sign of Sagittarius. Around this time too, Uranus leaves your opposite sign to return to Aries are a couple of months. It is recognised that when outer planets change signs this usually concides with financial ripple. You could feel these acutely. Indeed, from the New moon and all the way through until the Full Moon on November 23, experiencing great highs and lows will probably be the order of the day. By Tuesday 20th, you might determine that it's essential to put in place a new budget. Note though that you would be doing so whilst Mercury is retrograde. Mercury will return to your sign and station at the New Moon on December 7th. It's only really after then, that you might feel back in control of the money flow. Before then, it may be important to focus on improving your health especially. Indeed, investments made in the health industry or in your own personal needs, may be key features this month.

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