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Scorpio Monthly May 2021

Take time and take stock in the first three days of May. There is high probability that by mid month that you will be in speculative mood. The arrival of Jupiter in the risk area of your solar chart suggests you will want to invest in those things which are creative (including affairs of the heart), and be tracked attracted to precious jewels and even currency trading. Understanding your position and what obligations you have to others in terms of debt and credit would at least enable you to know exactly what resources you have to play with. This task is best done early in the month. From the New Moon in your opposite sign on May 11th, the sense of needing to 'push the boat out' is set to increase. Be wary: there is a lunar eclipse on May 26th which could bring with it a financial drama - possibly affecting those closest to you more than you yourself. By then, many costs will likely have risen (including travel). This requires a re-budgeting exercise for all signs.

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