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Scorpio Monthly April 2020

It would be wholly understandable if you were anxious to invest presently. Of course, that could take many forms, from redecoration to buying unit trusts or shares. You might now be in the mood to pore over financial papers, compare estimates and generally determine a financial plan to carry you through to your birthday. Determining that strategy before the Full Moon on April 8 would surely be wise. You might then be in position to look out for bargains midmonth. There may be several of these and you may not need to go far to find them. There's also the possibility of finding 'cash in the basement. It may be that there are items quite literally below you that could be re-homed with cash going into your account to compensate. You likely won't be the only sign to experience a little financial disappointment as the Sun moves into Taurus on Monday 20th. It may be that global trends work against you. There is however potentially good news on the horizon after Pluto (your other ruling planet) stations on 25th. Soon after that you could be presented with an quite extraordinary opportunity. Though true, it would be wise to give this very careful thought, it may be that this is an investment you feel you can't afford NOT to make.

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