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Scorpio Monthly April 2019

If, by 11th, it feels that there is still far more going out than coming in cash-wise, know that that flow can be adjusted before the end of the month. True, until then, both clothes and health-related expenses may be high and unavoidable. You can though stem that tide around the Full Moon on April 19th. Just hours later the Sun moves into your opposite sign where it forms its first conjunction with Uranus in Taurus for many decades. Whilst this will likely have singular impact on your romantic life, it may be that you will be aware of fresh winds blowing through your finances too. At one level, this may be all about an insurance claim or dealing with an emergency. At a different level entirely, and in light of the many changes that have occurred since the start of the year, you could determine that there are certain expenses you no longer need to cover. Indeed, you could spend the very last few days of April reviewing subscriptions and bringing to an end those which no longer fulfil needs. It is during that last week of April too, that you keep could hit upon an investment strategy that includes, on this occasion, beauty or health products.

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