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Scorpio Money

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Scorpios are, perhaps, the most financially astute of the zodiac. As a water sign, they are intuitive. But Scorpios also have determination. Together, these qualities result in them being well equipped to develop a hunch, to back it and to stay with it. Scorpios are also the great watchers and waiters of the world. They have no need to rush in to situations quickly and are quite happy to let events take their course and to bide their time before becoming involved. Involvement to Scorpios is never less than total commitment. They may appear to be sitting on the fence for a long time, but once they choose on which side to fall, they throw themselves wholeheartedly into a project. Scorpios and finance are well suited. If they decide to become fully involved here, their commitment verges on zeal showing themselves to be masters of the marketplace.

All this starts very early in life and usually at a point not long after their first experience of being short changed or cheated. Their resolution to never let that happen again becomes grim determination. Having experienced powerlessness once, they vow never to let it happen again. Whatever the circumstances might have been, Scorpios learns through experience to keep knowledge of their financial situation to themselves. No-one will be able to violate this area of their life again. Of course, this then requires that they take more than a little interest in money generally.