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Scorpio Money

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Underneath a calm exterior, Scorpios are in turmoil as to whether or not they are doing the right thing if they decide to go it alone in business. Really, they need a partner who can share the burden with them. However, it is not easy for them to share power. They do not have difficulty in investing some of their capital in a project of their own but a partner who may want to spend some money on even apparently basic material like headed paper etc, may be seen to be a spendthrift. Scorpios are so very cautious in the way that money is spent that they squander little and make do whenever possible. They sell themselves and they sell themselves well. They work long and arduously and invest considerable time and effort in getting their business of the ground. In this they are usually very successful indeed. Their shrewdness and prudence will see their business turning a profit in a short time. They are also empire builders. They have no problem with buying an apparently defunct business and restoring it to life and as such, are rather like company doctors. Others might think that any 'surgery' was unkind and cruel, but will soon see the newly revised business thriving on its new, lean skeleton.

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