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Scorpio Money

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Scorpios understand that a stock can go very, very low, and never believe those who say that a stock is going to break the equivalent of its sound barrier. Nevertheless, Scorpios make shrewd market investors. They do not shrink from a product just because it seems socially unacceptable. They are attracted to stocks that others might ignore - environmental clean up products, research stocks, weapons etc. So it is that Scorpios can make a fast buck in areas that others often ignore.

Scorpios know that it is important to make provision for old age but do not necessarily believe that pension funds are the only way of doing this. Aware as they are that the market can go down as well as up, they choose to spread their investment in non-capital areas. They determine that it will be just as important to know how to protect oneself and to grow one's own vegetables as to have money in the bank and so will invest in areas a long way from finance but which offer basic security. Nor should it be forgotten that Scorpios are excellent collectors and invest large chunks of capital in collector's pieces. They will travel miles to track down another piece for their collection and end up with an investment that few would appreciate fully but which in time proves to be priceless.