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Scorpio Money

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It is apparent that Scorpios build up a certain amount of wealth given that their spending habits verge almost on the frugal and that they never pay more than absolutely necessary for anything. Although they enjoying storing cash and having it safely around them, they do eventually require the services of a bank or building society for their savings. In making their choice, they weigh up what is on offer very carefully indeed. They are unlikely to be attracted by popular appeal savings accounts and will, instead, want to check what the past track record of a savings account has been. Unlike many other savers, they also want to know where the bank or building society is placing their investments. They do not tolerate mistakes with their account and demand excellent service. Spreading the risk and having more than one account may be an idea that they toy with but, generally, once they are happy with a setup they prefer to leave things as they are.

Scorpios are attracted to the idea of investing in others. Share options and venture capital have great appeal and here they show themselves to be Super-sleuths. Scorpios are avid readers of stock prices and financial papers. They know that knowledge combined with instinct gives them a formidable lead over others. They have a nose for buying in at the bottom of the market. Unfortunately, they quite often sell before the market reaches its top since Scorpios never allow themselves to think that the market will go THAT high.