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As buyers, their quiet, thoughtful and considered repose might even suggest disinterest in the product. But Scorpios are clever, knowing exactly when to turn away and when to turn around to make a bottom line offer. If haggling should become necessary, then Scorpios present a firm and considered argument that is hard to challenge. They are not put off if the dialogue becomes loud or ugly and can pursue their goal to the end. The net result is a superb deal.

Trust may be a small word in print, but for Scorpios it is a very large word indeed. Scorpios know their own weaknesses and can identify weakness in others. They know that working in partnership can give them strength. They may be drawn toward a person and feel instinctively that that person has all the right qualities ; trust and integrity being essential. When this happens, they form a relationship at great speed. That speed works in the other direction as well however. If the person lets them down, they will sever all connections with immediate effect. They will also ensure that they are adequately recompensed for any trouble or costs incurred. Scorpios are not free with information and partners will have to come to terms with apparent reticence. Their reward however, will be in having a financial partner whose judgement is at times breathtaking.

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