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Scorpio Money

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To Scorpios, knowing exactly how much cash they are carrying is vitally important. They also need to know the exact denomination of coins or notes involved. That way, they will be able to make all necessary checks and will be quick to notice any shortfall.

Cash holds enormous fascination throughout their lives. They like the feel of it and even more, the power that having it can bring. Cash has to be kept safely and securely - and perhaps not all in one place so that the risk of it being lost or stolen is well spread. Scorpios are not mean but prefer to bring forth cash from a pocket or open their wallet well away from prying eyes. Notes or bills are secreted carefully by them. They fold them in all sorts of ways so that they and they alone know their value. They are suspicious of new notes - which may be fraudulent - and alien currencies. The familiar, tried and trusted is all important to those of this group. They prefer an old, well worn wallet or purse to a new one and have set routines as to what should go into which pocket. Credit cards are really useful to Scorpios, offering as they do privacy as to a person's wealth and credit rating. When using their card, Scorpios are unlikely to make a public display of doing so and will prefer to tend the card upside down thus minimising the risk of others knowing which bank and which card it is that they are using. Scorpios are unlikely to run up great bills and may, in fact, prefer the American Express type system where debts are cleared at the end of every month.

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