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Scorpio Love Friday 30th July 2021

Anticipate increased attention. It's not just that Jupiter has returned to the 'emotions department' of your solar chart where it stays until the end of the year, but that this happens as the Moon moves through your opposite sign conjoining Uranus along the way this weekend. This suggests a surge of emotional activity. Obviously much depends on your personal chart and your age. Those old enough to have gone through one relationship already, may find their thoughts turn back to that earlier time - if only to assess any emotional baggage left behind. Once the Sun opposes Saturn again accenting the backbone of this solar chart on Tuesday, you can then draw that proverbial line in the sand and move forward. True, there might always be a little wistfulness. However, as Venus moves to make fabulous aspect with Uranus before next weekend, there's high probability of you sparkling and delighting and yes, making contact with those who know how to experience joy.