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Scorpio Love Friday 22nd October 2021

The Sun may have reached your sign and you might want to clebrate - but it's not joined by either Mercury Venus or Mars - at least not yet. Mars reaches Scorpio on the last day of the month and thereafter, your magnetism should increase. Until then, expect others to be talking at you and for your imagination to go into overdrive. That's not to say that you can't be carried away on a romantic wave mid week; especially around the Last Quarter Moon on Thursday 28th. It may be though, that you're looking for more commitment than someone is able to give. All that could and likely will change after Mars reaches your sign. It's only then, that you can perhaps make clear exactly what - and who - it is that you want. Of course that doesn't mean to say that a certain person will acquiesce - at least initially (and onbviously much depends on your eprsonal chart. The art is not to allow your imagination (and potential jealousy) to sabotage the future.