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Scorpio Love Friday 19th April 2019

It won't be so surprising if people are edgy this weekend. And yes, you could tune into undercurrents. Fact is that following this Friday's Full Moon, the Moon then moves on into your sign. Perhaps you will understand better than anyone just exactly what triggered such fierce responses at the Full Moon. Note however, that the Sun and Uranus are about to align in your opposite sign for the first time in many decades. Unless you were alive during the 1930s you have no prior experience of this. It might be as well to anticipate extraordinary behaviour from others too. Indeed, it might be more satisfying to undertake covert people-watching rather than to get too connected. That said, between next Wednesday (24th) and Friday (26th) with deep passions aroused, you could be emotionally ambushed in the nicest of ways. The fact that someone is so clearly willing to make sacrifices on your behalf suggests that this partnership will go far.