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Scorpio Love Friday 22nd February 2019

You might reasoanbly think with Mercury's extra long stay in your 'play-zone' in 2019, that this period between February 10 and mid April would be full of fun and games. And yes, that is still possible. It may be though that you're not the one in charge of which game to play. Recall that Mars is moving through your opposite sign and that others may have their sights on you. They may also have fabulous plans which they lay before you this weekend. Of course you don't have to agree - and there may well be a part of you that wonders whether or not you can really trust this person. Most people have emotional baggage and it could be that yours is particularly heavy presently. The challenge may be for the other person to show that they are worthy of your affection. In some ways these next seven days seem to encompass a competition about integrity.