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Demi Moore

11th November 1962 14:16pm MST +7:00

Rosell, NM, USA

Demi Moore, had a difficult childhood moving over 30 times by the time she was 14. Her parents were verbally and physically argumentative to each other and also alcoholics. She was 15 when she found out by accident her 'father' was not her real father.

Demi's choice of career - first as a model than as an actress - is shown by her Pisces Ascendant, Sun conjunct Neptune and MC ruler, Jupiter, in Pisces in the 12 th house.

Unfortunately all this Piscean/Neptunian energy is also responsible for her own drug and alcohol abuse which got so bad in 1985 that she was fired from her role in St Elmo's. At that time her Progressed Sun was squaring Pluto illustrating not only her close brush with death but also that it was time to completely transform her life. As a Sun Scorpio, with Pluto ruling her Sun, she had enough willpower to turn her life around. Her obsessive tendencies (4 planets in Scorpio, Moon trine Pluto) now focus on exercise.

Demi married Bruce Willis in 1987 with whom she had 3 daughters. They divorced in 2000. She is now married to Ashton Kutcher who is 16 years her junior, perhaps an example of a Virgo Descendant (marriage partner) ruled by Mercury - the eternal youth!!