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Sagittarius Yearly 2020

In 2019 when Jupiter passed through your sign, no doubt many eyes were on you. Obviously much depends on your personal chart but there's high probability that others had your best interests at heart. Jupiter has now moved on into neighbouring Capricorn and cosmic attention turns elsewhere. With much activity in your opposite sign of Gemini during 2020, it's likely to be the affairs of those closest to you that will be in the spotlight. That's not to say that you can't makes great strides in 2020 and indeed, by the time your ruling planet Jupiter aligns with Pluto to begin a new cycle in November, you could make considerable advance. It's family, property and legacies that will likely require much thought in 2020. Consolidating and safeguarding assets will require you learn much about areas in which, until now you've had little interest. Given that 2020 is likely to be a year of enormous transition for the whole world, it's probable that by the time Jupiter aligns with Saturn and begins a new 240 year cycle on December 20th, 2020, that your considerable expertise and optimistic attitude will be much in demand - possibly even resulting in you concluding the year with something of a following.


It might seem especially as Mercury, between Merck mid-February and early March and then Mars between May 13 and June 27, that you are losing a career grip. It might also be true that you are spreading yourself too thinly. If you've never considered doing so before, you could think about arranging a regular consultation with a life coach. Certainly, by the time Mars reach is another of the fire signs at the end of June focus was surely be on the research and development area of your solar chart and the potential for developing a hobby into a second revenue stream. True, this would likely take some time that the process begin in 2020. Is perhaps worth noting to that by the end of the year you considerable expertise and understanding of the history of the product or service will make you a valuable member of the team. And not at all impossible the before the end of the year your move up a pay grade.


2020 has already been described as the year of the 'Great Financial Reset'. There may well be significant developments in global finances and awareness of the need to practice thrift and to re-balance savings. If you are at all dependent on the income of a significant other, then this could be much affected during Venus retrograde period between May 13th and late June. With this in mind, it would be as well to focus on building a safety net in the first quarter of the year. The outlook during the third and fourth quarters is significantly improved. By then, you may be ready to invest in new areas. Indeed, such may be your enthusiasm are that there is the potential for your financial fingers to be burnt between September 6 and 10th. Optimism could get the better of you. Assuming however that you coasts through this without major mishap, then there is the possibility to make wise an excellent investment when both Venus and Mercury are moving through your sign between December 16 and 20th. By the latter date Jupiter and Saturn will be aligned in Aquarius for the first time in several hundred years. This marks the start of a new business cycle the could see you making gains through investments in essential services.


With Venus turning retrograde in your opposite sign between May 13 and late June and Mars turning retrograde from September 10 through November 14 in the affairs of the heart sector of your solar chart, it would be unsurprising if you experienced significant romantic turbulence. True, this could be ultra exciting. Given that the lunar node moves into your opposite sign in June it could be that an existing partnership though buffeted by cosmic waves becomes more important to you or that a partnership formed during the summer months though again experiencing turbulence in the fourth quarter, is something you seek to stabilise before the end of the year. A particularly significant time looks to be September 6-17.


This might need to take priority in the first half of the year. An important time could be Mercury's retrograde period February 16 to early March but then again from May 13 through June 27. During both these periods vitamin and mineral intake should be carefully monitored. It may be that you are depleted in either. The good news is that in early July and as Chiron the planetoid associated with healing aligns with Mars, you could alight on therapy that proves as relaxing as it is healing. It should be remembered that your illness will be passing through a key health zone of your solar chart for the next few years. This is the planet of alternatives. It may be that you need to think out of the box and explore ancient though viewed as an alternative methods of well-being.


Family matters are almost certain to take centre stage through 2020. Mercury turns retrograde at the very base of your chart was Venus turns retrograde in your opposite sign. A strong possibility is that developments in a partner's life will require you to think carefully about domestic arrangements. All this could take priority in the months leading up to the solar Eclipse on June 21. As importantly, with Mars moving through another of the fire signs from the end of June through into 2021, the needs of younger people was surely require particular care and attention. This may be something you are happy to give. What seems clear however, is that the family dynamics will be significantly altered and most likely because the younger person shows such clear focus and determination to follow a particular path. You will be the only sign to feel that you come to the end of the chapter is the year begins. The lunar Eclipse on June 10 coincides with the most rare alignment of Saturn and Pluto in neighbouring Capricorn. True, this accents the potential the family drama for all signs of the Zodiac. You may be particularly affected however especially where assets and legacies are concerned.

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