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Sagittarius Yearly 2022

As of December 29, 2021, Jupiter, your ruling planet reaches the base of your solar chart. This is part of a 12 year cycle and was last experienced in 2010/11. It might be useful to think back to that time. The cosmos never does exact repeats but if there was a desire to expand your horizons - and possibly to overspend through travel,- that may be replicated to some extent in 2022. But even if that's not possible, extending your homebase and yes, perhaps agreeing to invest in a work- zone may be irresistible. From mid-May through into the end of October Jupiter moves through a 'play' zones. This could bring romance to the top of your agenda but, as is fairly common, romance can be expensive. Though the 2022 eclipses don't appear to hit your chart directly, you could be caught in their aftermath - both in May and again in November and particularly if global financial markets tip toward the negative as seems likely. Yet you may conclude 2022 ripe and ready to explore the new options appearing on the horizon as the year comes to its close.


As you are likely aware, what others appreciate is Sagittarius' knowledge and expertise. Clearly the older you are, the more you have to offer. Others also admire your enthusiasm and willingness to gather information. With that in mind, anticipate that until January 24, others will tap you for information but may not be so willing to pay for it. Note too that until early May, that there is high probability of you doing increased work from home. Whether you're just starting out, are of employment age or retired, expect more of your space at home to be devoted to earning or at least being cost-efficient. This is likely to be an exaggerated trend between April 15 and May 25. Both Mercury and Venus will together be making passage through your sign in the last two weeks of November. Through this time - and especially in the very last day of that month, - your career could take on new shape entirely; perhaps because by then you will be mentoring or in partnership with someone whose marketing skills complement your encyclopaedia knowledge. In short, though your career might seem to be moving sideways, it should nevertheless be exciting.


There is of course, the Sagittarius tendency to assume that all will eventually be well. That positive attitude get to places. If on the other hand, you were born with many planets plus the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius, then you've likely learnt that although you have rich expectations, that is often is not these are not fulfilled. Reality hits and for many with this placement dealing with financial matters can be seriously difficult. In a year like 2022 when Jupiter crosses both the base of your solar chart and then spends the period between mid-May and late October in the speculative zone of that same chart, there's high probability of imbalance in cash flow. The desire to have more could so easily lead to you speculating on wisely. Given that this high probability of a sideways career move rather than a promotion, this tendency to overspend needs to be held in check. For this, you're likely need extra support and a financial adviser who helps minimise risk. Taking into account the 2022 could be your year of financial upheaval on the global stage, considerable care needs to be taken to maintain a good safety net.


From mid-May through the end of October, Jupiter romps through the affairs of the heart sector of your solar chart. Jupiter is your ruling planet and expansion in this area seems more likely than not. Anticipate high levels of relationship activity from 20th of August when Mars moves into your opposite sign. If you are not, by then, connected with the right person, expect to be chased. It's highly likely someone will have you in their sites and that they won't let go until way into 2023. 2022 then in such great contrast to the last few years, should be full of high-level romantic activity though true, not without some difficulty. The problem is that Jupiter arrives at the station not too far from Chiron the planetoid that orbits between Saturn and your Ennis and which has a reputation as a wounded healer. It may be that you get so near and yet so far. Health or other issues could get in the way of a relationship developing quite as you would wish. All that said, this should 2022 should prove a bumper year for relationship activity where you experience extra ordinary hives.


It's been some years since Neptune arrived in another of the mutable signs. Since then, you've likely had moments of complete confusion where health matters are concerned. Remember that disease is just that: a lack of ease. If you've gone through considerable turbulence (and who hasn't in recent times(, then would be understandable if this had had effect on your physical and mental health. It may be that joy has been missing. Joy is the near-perfect antidote to health misery. It's likely then important that you ensure you have a regular diet of laughter and adventure. To this end, make the most of Venus transit of another of the Fire signs between August 12 and early September, when you could do much to restore health imbalance.


If there are family difficulties these are likely to be based on costs and concerns about how best to assist a younger person who (to your mind and obviously much depends on your age(, is playing with fire. Focus seems very much on the needs of children generally. In fact, you could get involved in a campaign to improve their welfare or education - most likely midyear. Aside from that, concerns about a much older relative will likely be heightened in the very last days of 2022. Hints as to how a problem is developing could be apparent mid June. In fact, if there are awkward conversations to be had, they should perhaps start then and grow in pace until decisions are taken in late December.

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