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Sagittarius Yearly 2019

Theory suggests that the one year in twelve when Jupiter passes through your sign, is one of extraordinary exuberance, adventure and excitement. You might want to test that out by thinking back to late 2006 and 2007. The cosmos though does not do exact repeats and although Jupiter is in Sagittarius until December 3rd, its transit this time is against a different planetary back-drop. Significantly, Uranus moves into Taurus on March 6th and enters an area of your solar chart that is all about day-to-day routine. Anticipate disruption and to experience levels of nervous tension that are unusual for your sign. Diary management will likely be testing. That though, will be true for the next few years until Uranus changes signs again in 2024. What marks 2019 out as different, is that Jupiter's presence in your sign suggests that it will be your need to do things differently (and for your well-being) that drives you to make constant adjustments to plans. Note too that in February, Chiron moves into another the Fire signs, Aries. Though this could have an impact on health this planetoid is linked to problem solving. Given the Sagittarian propensity for having fun, finding alternative ways of experiencing adventure and joy, and indeed, expanding your knowledge of ancient techniques and solutions to dilemmas may be experiences you are happy to embrace in 2019.


With Uranus moving through the day-to-day area of your solar chart, it seems likely that your working hours will change. Those working in a freelance capacity could find this very much to their advantage. Others may be discomfited if employers change working hours demanding more and making planning difficult. Greater involvement with international companies and with people from other cultures is probable. You may also find that given changes in a partner's working routine that April through to the Full Moon on May 18, is particularly demanding. Your career star should shine best from August 21st through to early October - though true, you may feel that you are being asked to redo work you thought completed. By the time that Venus reaches your sign on November 2nd it may be possible to negotiate better terms. That said, to do so might mean agreeing to adapt to unusual working hours yet again.


The two solar eclipses of 2019 - in January and July, - accent a financial axis of your solar chart. Anticipate turbulence. Of course, it could be that you're spending more either through travel or health management. If in partnership, then changes in that person's career, may have dramatic effect on your budget from Jupiter's station on April 11th and through to mid August. It's fortunate that from mid-August and through the Last Quarter of 2019 that opportunities to save money abound. Indeed, and especially through November, you could find ways to cost costs. Note that in 2020 the global financial winds are likely to turn very chilly indeed. It's imperative for all signs to put in place safety nets and preferably before Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on December 3rd. Take care with investments and, whatever temptations Jupiter throws at you in terms of speculation, take advice from an experienced adviser.


Romance will surely be super high on your agenda and particularly around the Lunar Eclipse on January 21st. The desires of a significant other for you to share an adventure could then be at height. A decision might need to be take but require a degree of problem solving. Overcoming difficulties will likely be easier after Chiron moves into another of the Fire signs on February 19th . Another intense time for partnership is as Mars moves through your opposite sign throughout April and the first half of May. Not that romantic activity stops there. It could arguably be a little turbulent through June and July but reach a critical turning point at the end of August. Then there's the end of the year to look forward to - especially after Mars moves into Libra in early October. From the Full Moon of that month on 13th through to 26th you could experince two weeks of high emotion.


Uranus' move into one of the health zones of your solar chart as of March 6th, - and for a six-year stay, - will likely coincide with the need to pay greater attention to diet. Uranus shakes things up and this area of the chart is all about the nervous system and how it is supported through diet. Given the extraordinary opportunities that abound as Jupiter moves through your sign, your nervous system could be put under stress. You might benefit from taking extra Vitamin B and certainly from discussing vitamin and mineral intake with a qualified professional. The planetoid Chiron is often described as the wounded healer. It's perhaps fortunate that its crossing into the pleasure zone of your solar chart coincides with Uranus' potential attack on your nervous system as you might find fun in finding solutions. Indeed, it might even be that you strike up excellent rapport with a therapist. This need not turn into something romantic but it could be particularly meaningful.


The solar eclipses of 2019 are in Capricorn, on January 6th, and in Cancer on July 2nd . If you have relatives born under those signs, you may find that their needs are particularly demanding in 2019. That may be no bad thing, as they may be changing direction and welcome your support. Yet it's also possible that you will be called upon to give tangible financial support or even act as guarantor. The needs of those from another generation will surely also warrant particular care - especially after Chiron moves into Aries mid-February. Throughout 2019 whether or not a property is suitable for a relative could also be the subject considerable discussion. In the last three weeks of the year after Jupiter moves into Capricorn, discussions about valuations and tax management seem set to occur almost daily.