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Sagittarius Outlook 2018


Good performers rehearse. The best performers rehearse over and over again. 2018 is your rehearsal year with the curtain rising on your performance after the December 9th New Moon in your sign. By then your ruling planet, Jupiter, will be in your sign - more on that later. You likely already have a team around you - ready for first read-through of your life-script as of January 3rd. The discovery that you need more capital (better props) at the lunar eclipse on January 31st likely won't come as much of a surprise. What could take you aback is the ingenuity of someone who knows what you can do and is determined that nothing will get in the way of a display of your talents. Their support will surely make all the difference to your success. As Mercury retrogrades in another of the Fire signs March 23rd to April 15th , there are new tricks and routines for you to learn. By April 21st and having identified the perfect partner to support this routine, the next phase of rehearsal begins. This might need to be done on a different 'stage' i.e. displacement from your usual environment seems likely. This also brings with it the need for an altered daily routine - possibly including mastery of new technology or an adjusted diet. A key member of your supporting cast might not be available from late June through mid-August: requiring you to go it alone or develop a routine with a stand-in. This could be the most uncomfortable rehearsal period of the year. Yet by the New Moon on September 9th, and even if it's just a small part of the overall event, you could perfect a scene and bask in the knowledge that this small routine alone will captivate the audience. As for most signs, once Venus turns retrograde on October 6th, there are challenges to overcome: these might require you to rethink the stage on which you intend to perform and maybe, just maybe, deal with the knowledge that another platform or stage is needed entirely (for a bigger audience!). That theatre could be gifted to you by late November so that after quick dress rehearsal, you move into the spotlight and the show begins.


Perhaps things went awry at the end of 2017? If that's the case, then you may feel it's imperative to put things right before the lunar eclipse on January 31st. With both Venus and Mars going through retrograde periods in 2018, all signs are likely to experience turbulence in their romantic life. Though your sign is not in the eye of the storm you could nevertheless be affected. The important thing to note is that your ruling planet, Jupiter, makes fabulous aspect with one of the planets of romance, Neptune, at the end of May. There is then much to play for. At a different vibration, the solar eclipse on August 11 could be a signal for holiday romance. Jupiter enters your own sign at the new Moon on November 7. It's then that your romantic life could take off. True, Venus is still retrograde through until November 16th and there may be key decisions for you and that significant other to make. These might well include where and how you're going to live. Remembering that at this stage, you will be ready for full performance, it may be that what you're really asking of the other person is whether or not they'll come with you on a 'world tour' in 2019. Obviously this needn't be literal, but this might be all about a grand adventure.


Analysis of planet cycles suggests periods for adjustment to the routines that maintain optimum health. With Uranus' arrival in Taurus in May, your taste buds may be altered - possibly leading you to choosing an entirely new diet and daily health routine. Fitness may be an issue. Given the 'routines' you may be considering in preparation to your 'performance' at the end of the year, it would be understandable if there were adaptations to be made. These could prove a challenge around the solar eclipse on July 13th but be easier to implement from the next eclipse in August. From the New Moon on September 9th you might also give thought to regular detoxification. It's acknowledged that a potential weak area of the Sagittarius body is the liver: keeping this in good working order might require eschewing certain substances. This though may be something you're more than happy to do if it means you'll be in optimum condition by performance time in December.


Financial matters are sure to dominate world news - and will likely be shocking and require a change of attitude for all signs. Learning about new trading systems, dealing with electronic banking and even new currencies provide challenges for all. You could feel this acutely in March and April: possibly as a direct result of foreign exchange fluctuation. Investment-wise invest in you and that 'performance' takes priority. From the lunar eclipse on the last day of January through to the last day of July, reappraisal of expenses is essential: there may well be items and services you no longer need and which don't have to be a drain on resources. Adjustments here should make a real difference to your financial position in August. From September, and with chill global financial winds, emphasis turns to placing safety nets and, where possible, obtaining discounts by buying ahead. Boring as all this might sound, this should stand you in such good stead for the end of the year when, without careful planning, costs could spiral way out of control.

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