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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 16th June 2019

The week begins with a Full Moon in your sign. And yes, others may well be looking to you to either take the lead or explain your motivation. It could be that this is a financial crunch moment. At a different level, it may be that a close colleague is changing career path and that this is unsettling. Not for the first time you might also be asked to assist with an archiving project. It may be that someone has their facts completely wrong. And then there is the possibility - before the solstice on Friday, - of determining a major investment. Whether this is at the domestic or career level, it will presumably require careful consideration and some sharp negotiation. Yet you're probably right, it may be that there are bargain basement prices to be had and the potential to attract a really good deal. In all this, you may have reason to be grateful to someone born under either Gemini or VirgoTwhose perspective gives you an edge in discussion.