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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 19th January 2020

It's possible that you are confusing others. They may be unclear as to what it is that you want to achieve. On Monday, expect to be questioned. By Tuesday, goals and objectives may not be so important. It's then that you may be more concerned about general well-being and particularly, the care of those working closely with you but who don't seem to be operating efficiently. Note that it's not so many days since the alignment of Saturn and Pluto in neighbouring Capricorn. This heavy duty combination is now separating, but will leave a legacy. It may be that certain people feel hard done by and be looking for reassurance that things can only get better. That's entirely possible by the time Venus makes excellent aspect to your ruling planet, Jupiter, on Thursday. It's then that you could find the resources (not necessarily financial), to pull someone out from underneath a cloud. In doing so, you could feel so much better about yourself and your prospects. Indeed, by the weekend, thought you might not be quite ready to plan and adventure, you may be excited about discussions and possibilities.