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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 9th December 2018

Friday's New Moon was in your sign. That that event coincided with Mercury arriving at its direct station suggests that information you've been waiting for will finally be en route. It's possible that that won't arrive until Venus returns to its retrograde station position midmonth. The point this week is that you should know that that information is on the way and that others are now aware of the challenges. Comforted by the fact that action is now being taken, you can perhaps turn your mind to other adventures. 'Adventures' is the key word here. Remember that Jupiter is now passing through your sign and there may be many things you want to plan for 2019. Doing this within understandable financial constraints will likely be challenging. Yet you could rise to this and even before Friday's First Quarter Moon put forward a proposal that is well thought out, imaginative and would be something special to mark in your life journey.