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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 17th November 2019

By the end of this week, Venus will have aligned with Jupiter in your sign. This aspect won't recur for more than a decade. And yes, you may feel the need to celebrate. Yet this event coincides with the opposition of Mars to Uranus. The unexpected is more likely than not. And yes, your world could be shaken. Note however, that Mercury comes to its direct station on Thursday and that it's entirely possible that though you're given facts based on recent research that your instincts suggest to you that these are still not quite right. Your gut instinct will likely be stronger than any statistical evidence. A further very strong possibility given Mars' move into neighbouring Scorpio, is that you will decide to alter your daily regime. This may have something to do with diet (food or information) and what you now view as beneficial. Boosting your brainpower could be high on your agenda and linked to a test to be undertaken early next month.