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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 1st August 2021

Someone with whom you work or live, could find the start of this week especially challenging. Their mood will change but they perhaps need you to show your optimistim and confidence in their abilities. Fact is that as the Sun opposes Saturn, the Moon is moving through your opposite sign (Gemini), whilst moving from South to North latitude. Both events suggest marked change of pace. This could be to your advantage. Note that Mercury, the planet of communication is presently moving through another of the Fire signs. It may be that you need to talk about adventures and to make clear that you are thinking about how things could be improved. This will likely require a shift in attitude on their part and perhaps, alteration to a schedule. Yet all this could and should be exciting. What seems apparent is that those closest to you, are now moving off in fresh direction - even if they are doing so with frayed nerves. Developments could yet be to your advantage - just give it time.