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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 18th April 2021

It's not necessarily the case that you will suffer from ill health, but that the value of health and good routine and maintenance will be brought home. Of course, this could work at a different level: it may be that improving a working area will be discussed. Attention to details and practicalities is this week's big theme. You might also need to acknowledge that you haven't kept abreast of new developments and that there are options now that weren't unavailable the last time you gave this review. There is also the strong possibility of you being made aware that if you don't improve physical fitness now, that you won't be able to take part in a planned adventure later in the year. So diet could have much of your attention. A further possibility is that a Taurus or Libra colleague will ask you to take a stance on their behalf. They couldn't of course have a better advocate. You are at your best when championing a cause.