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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 11th November 2018

Jupiter may have arrived in your sign but you might not be quite at all systems go just yet. Bear in mind that Mercury, which reached Sagittarius at the end of October, will turn retrograde as of next weekend. It may be that having been hyped up about something, that you need first to learn to relax and then to recover from recent developments. It could be mid-December before you feel to be progressing at full speed. This week may be all about gaining reassurance from colleagues that they will give you all the support you need as you negotiate change. At one level, it may be that you need considerably more information. Between now and mid-December would be an excellent time to undertake a short course. It's in discussion - probably with someone born under Libra -, that you could make tentative long-term plans. These will likely require that you obtain estimates or expert opinion: another task that could be accomplished before mid-December.