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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 24th October 2021

Not only is it likely that you enjoy the process of gaining knowledge, but you also seem to enjoy passing information on. However, it's important that it is correct information. As the working week begins it could feel as though you've been led up the garden path. Perhaps presentation issues have over-ridden the production of good content. By Thursday's Last Quarter Moon you may need to redress this balance. There's also the high probability of re-engaging with a group of people you used to see regularly. Determining how you can operate together and efficiently under revised circumstances seems likely to top the agenda. There is also the likelihood - especially given that this is a Last Quarter Moon, - of agreeing that you are in the last phase of a cycle. Whilst it might not be possible to conclude this before your birthday, you could agree a timeline that would see satisfactory conclusion by the Equinox in March 2022.