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Sagittarius Weekly Sunday 13th October 2019

Jupiter continues its transit of your sign and by Thursday, all eyes could be on you. Fact is that you appear to offer wisdom and understanding to which others are presently drawn. If you were standing on the Sun, it would seem that many of the planets are grouping together on one side. In fact, it's not hard to imagine a tug-of-war developing. Many people will be confronting deep and difficult issues and yes, choosing sides. In determining what's best, they may be drawn to you and not just for moral guidance. If there is a drawback however it's that Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, is presently moving through another of the Fire signs. In helping others, you could reduce your own energy levels. It may be necessary to address fitness and health issues generally. Clearly it's important not to take on more than you can handle. You should perhaps be wary of those who are a little too regimented and insufficiently flexible and perhaps even dogmatic. Never forget that your inner voice knows what's best for you.