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Sagittarius Quarterly

Jupiter arrives in your sign a day after the New Moon on November 7th. Traditionally, this is said to lead to a year of abundance. It is perhaps more accurate to say that it is the dawn of a year of need and desire. Given Venus' retrograde period between October 5th and November 16th it could be that health and pension concerns are top priority. Balancing this with the need to expand your world and enjoy life to the full could lead you to financial calamity. Extreme care will need to be taken to avoid this - especially in the last week of November. It's then that you could be derailed by news that is quite beyond your control. Stabilising your financial boat may not be possible until closer to the solstice on December 21st. It is said by some that those born under Sagittarius are charmed. It may be that your natural optimism and confidence is such that you are able to steer away from rocks. During this quarter though you may have reason to be grateful to those born under either Taurus or Libra (Venus-ruled), whose ability to juggle money in the face of difficulty is timely. With the strong possibility of travel being much discussed - especially from November 7th , you might also consider setting up a separate fund to cover this and other adventures you intend to take before your birthday next year.

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