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Sagittarius Quarterly

Mars has arrived at another of the Fire signs, Aries: a transit that thi time lasts six months. This corner of your solar chart is all about leisure and pleasure and yes, research and development. Expect hobbies to have higher priority than usual and yes, to enjoy improving your personal fitness. Challenges will no doubt appeal. These are likely to be of the brain or mental kind between August 5 and 20th and from September 6 to early October. Note too, that Saturn has now returned to neighbouring Capricorn. It might feel as though you're driving with the brakes still on. They likely won't be removed fully until Saturn moves on into Aquarius in December. Until thenyou might need to give very careful thought to financial matters. Discussing how best to use assets seems to be preoccupying between August 8 and September 5. All this may be driven by the needs of someone close who is anxious to make an investment and feels that without this, their career prospects will be harmed. With your ruling planet, Jupiter, retrograde until September 13 finding the energy to support them might not be easy.

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