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Sagittarius Quarterly

During what promises to be a super busy first quarter of the year, both the planetoid Chiron and the planet Uranus change signs. The fact that they do so within a very short three-week period, suggests high turbulence affecting everyone. Chiron will be moving into another of the Fire signs and activating or drawing attention to the play area of your solar chart. If there is a hobby that you put to one side in recent years, the need to develop it again will likely grow. Perhaps rather more importantly, Uranus' arrival in Taurus and its entry into the day-to-day working and health area of your solar chart suggests the need to adopt a new routine. Changing diet is one possibility. It might also be that you become involved in a start-up operation that requires you to work unusual hours. If you keep your ear to the ground between the solar Eclipse on January 7th and the lunar on 21st, you may be aware of plans being made by others that again will require a radical adjustment to your usual routine. Note too that with Mercury turning retrograde at the very base of you solar chart on March 6th and staying retrograde until March 29th , that during those few weeks a review of domestic arrangements and how these can better support your plans will likely be high on the agenda. This might lead to simple redecoration. It might also be that a long term move is discussed.

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