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Sagittarius Quarterly

Until August 20 the focus has to be on health and its management. It's probable that your daily routine will undergo several changes and the art - until that date, - is to be as flexible as possible. The good news is that yours is one of the Mutable signs of the zodiac and going with the flow shouldn't be too great a challenge. That said, disruption is still likely and will probably leave you on edge. Note that Jupiter, your ruling planet, is moving through another of the Fire signs. It's travelling through the pleasure zone of your solar chart which should result in this quarter being hopeful for a holiday romance. Jupiter stations at the Leo New Moon at the end of July which should mark a turning point. There is every likelihood that you will then be aware of just how much you need to adapt to a close friend or partner's revised schedule. As of August 20, when Mars moves into your opposite sign and for an extended stay, the focus increases to supporting someone who is clearly going through massive change. Upset is probable at the Full Moon on September 10. In preparation for this, it would be wise to give thought to your financial safety net: developing it between July 18 August 10. Having this in place before the August 12 New Moon should at least leave you feeling better able to cope if crises arise in September.

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