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Sagittarius Quarterly

Fresh challenges await this quarter when Venus moves into your opposite sign on April 4th. It doesn't leave this area until early August- including a retrograde period between mid-May and the end of June when you are likely to be challenged to deal with the needs of someone who appears to want more that you are able to give. It may be that a partner's work commitments put them under pressure. An important solar Eclipse accenting what is known as the world axis, takes place on June 21. Eclipses have a habit of kicking into gear even some months ahead of time and this one may be connected to the Covid 19 virus compromising travel and challenging you to find new ways of experiencing adventure whilst being limited or confined. On a most positive note, Chiron's continuing journey through another of the Fire signs suggests you will face certain fears head-on and that your problem-solving abilities and, amusingly to others, a display of organisational skills will see you applying new systems and embracing new working concepts and routines. Indeed, it's not perhaps too much to suggest that your ability to navigate through the challenges of this quarter will be held up as an example to others.

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