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Sagittarius Monthly April 2020

It's probable that you'll have more contact with cash than usual in April - especially around the Full Moon on April 8. This may be something you welcome as this could bring ample opportunity for self investment. That said, by mi-month you might feel the need to put a stop to certain expenses figuring that saving will have benefits in a couple of months' time. It's worth noting that on April 4th Venus enters your opposite sign and doesn't leave until early August. There's high probability that the financial affairs of those closest to you will go through a degree of turbulence - particularly before end of June. As a result, you may be focused on building a financial safety net. Though true, this may be have been part of your thinking for the best part of the year, it's a theme that is set to continue. Investment wise, other that the your own health and perhaps, assisting someone from another generation, your attention will likely be drawn to businesses and services related to the health sector.

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