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Sagittarius Monthly December 2018

This is the first December since 2006 with Jupiter, your ruling planet, passes through your sign. What is different in 2018, is that so many of the other planets are passing through Water signs. This is likely to increase the financial flow for all signs. You though, may feel that the tide is moving very much against you. Consider though, that it is possible that it's you who is the driving force! It may be that your Jupiterian expansiveness gets the better of you and, - particularly from Thursday 13th (when Mercury moves through your sign at speed) that the temptation to overspend can't be overridden by common sense. Note too, that it's not just household expenses that might be a drain on resources this month. Mars' passage over the base of your solar chart could also prompt you to think about your health and how it might be improved. In terms of investment, overspending in this direction or, for some, buying shares in health industries could preoccupy. It's very likely too, that after the Full Moon on December 22nd, and before the end of the year, that you'll give thought to the costs of an adventure tentatively planned for August 2019.

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