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Sagittarius Monthly September 2020

Seismic financial shocks have already been felt since the start of the year. You may recall that March wasa decidedly difficult period. September is not a repeat of the same, yet you may be aware around the Full Moon on September 2nd that revision of your financial affairs and new planning will be necessary. In this you could receive considerable support before Mars stations on Thursday 10th. From there and through to November that planet is retrograde in another of the Fire signs. Throughout that period, it will likely be necessary to focus on financial safety. A cosmic reminder of the threat of loss could come as early as 11th. Jupiter, your ruling planet turns direct on Sunday 13th. On this occasion it is not quite the case of being off to the races, but certainly your interest in financial matters and the potential for investment should increase. By 17th you may be ready to make commitment. The accent here is very much on joint and financial partnership. Indeed, that's a theme set to continue through until the end of the year. The sale of an item could have your attention around the Equinox on 22nd. The issue then may be to how best to make use of this extra cash. Again, this points to a potential financial partnership which in the initial stages could be tension filled. It's probable that by the time Saturn stations on 29th, that a strategy will be agreed.