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Sagittarius Monthly March 2021

It is not unusual for there to be drama in world markets in the month of March. If history repeats, that should come around the Full Moon on March 28. Yet anniversaries of previous falls in the first 10 days of the month could also bring echoes of those earlier times. In short, a negative mood would be unsurprising. With Mars' arrival in your opposite sign on Thursday 4th, it might not be you who displays signs of financial anxiety, but a close friend or partner who experiences panic. That panic could threaten your joint financial stability especially between 16th and 21st. Your natural optimism should, of course, see you through. You might also recognise that where there is turbulence, there is also opportunity. Indeed by the Equinox on Saturday 20th, you may be on the lookout for bargains. These could be found in the very last days of March. What is key and what should suit you well, is researching areas for investment. At a day-to-day level, this might prompt focus on general communication costs and how these might be trimmed.

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