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Sagittarius Monthly October 2021

Over the last couple of years, as Chiron the corrector has been moving through another of the Fire signs, no doubt you've had to take a new view of financial matters. This is more than just what is a result of the pandemic, but an alteration in your approach to speculation and investment. With Mercury retrograde until the night before the Full Moon on October 20, you are perfectly placed to learn more and, as Venus moves through your sign from the New Moon on October 6, re-train your financial thinking. You might be surprised to discover aptitude in this area. From the Full Moon - like Chiron also in Aries - you could start the process of correction and rebuilding. Jupiter, your ruling planet will by then be in direct motion. Though you might not like what you hear over the weekend of 23rd /24th and yes, even before the end of the month have to contend with loss, you might also know that this is the last of its kind. By the last day of October, you might also have clearer idea as to what your investments should be in 2022.

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