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Sagittarius Monthly January 2020

January 2020 is unusual in that many planets are grouped together in neighbouring Capricorn. It might suit you to designate the month as 'asset management' time. Certainly the attention given to resources is likely to be considerable. Check carefully that you are paying the correct interest rate amounts and that you're achieving the best you could with savings accounts. It may be that funds need to be moved. The advice of a financial adviser would no doubt be super-helpful - especially in the last 10 days of January. Note that throughout the month, Mars is moving through your sign and that cash could easily burn a hole in your pocket. Even if unable to travel as yet, you may have grand ideas as to what could be achieved before the end of the year. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this, - but priority should be given to to putting in place a safety net. In 2020 both Venus and Mars have retrograde periods and you may find expenses are super-high. It might not be a bad idea to inaugurate an emergency savings pot - perhpas as early as January 13th.

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