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Sagittarius Monthly November 2019

Jupiter leaves your sign early next month. Before it does, anticipate a rush of expenses. Indeed, this could prove the most expensive month of your year. Yes, much of this may be related to either rising health costs or the need to do major repairs or possibly, awareness that it's important to increase savings. It could prove tough to maintain a handle on expenses between Friday 8th and the Full Moon on November 12th. And entirely possible that by the 14th, and following the advice of a close friend or partner, that you will determine you need to take prompt action if you're not to lose more. Yet all this is possible. Mercury stations and turns direct on the 21st slightly ahead of the Sun's arrival in your sign. Between 21st and 23rd you could plug the leak. You could also, by the time Venus moves into one of the key financial zones of your solar chart on 26th, if not stabilise finances, then have a clear plan as to how to do so.

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