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Sagittarius Monthly August 2019

August could prove an expensive month - yet you might not mind at all. Greatest expense look set to come in the last five days but have been well-planned. It's unexpected costs that threaten financial stability between 1st and 12th. Especially if travelling, it would be wise to factor in extra cash - not necessarily for essential expenses, but to create memories which are deemed vital for your life journey. August 12 should be viewed as a red letter day for all signs but perhaps especially so for you. Jupiter then stations in your sign and from that date through until early December moves rapidly through the second half of your sign. If your birthday is between December 6 and 21st, it might be as well to anticipate a challenging but very exciting few months ahead. Either because there is a change in your working schedule or through health needs, daily costs look set to increase. With this in mind, it might be wise to see if any of these costs can be reduced by buying in bulk. Investment wise, - and especially after Mars reaches the apex of your solar chart on August 18th, focus should be on your long-term career plans. It would be understandable if you determine to invest in a short course or in companies that provide such.

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