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Sagittarius Monthly April 2019

You likely won't be the only sign to experience the first 10 days of April as super expensive. In your case, costs regarding health or even home improvement could exceed budget. It will surely be necessary to apply the brakes. This might most easily be done at the First Quarter Moon on April 12. Just a few hours ahead of that, Jupiter, your ruling planet, stations in your sign. See this is the moment to take charge. You're absolutely right that you could attract good fortune - and perhaps as early as Monday 15th. It might also be that through partnership you make significant gains. For the first time in several decades, the Sun aligns with Uranus in Taurus on Monday 22nd. This will surely bring with it several short, sharp, shocks. One possibility is that an item you'd like to sell proves to have more value than you thought. A significant contract or arrangement could be reached by Wednesday 24th. With Saturn stationing in one of the financial zones of your solar chart on the last day of April, it seems likely that by then you will be working to a new financial regime: to include a savings arrangement for a grand adventure.

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