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Sagittarius Monthly February 2019

With all the planets in direct motion in February - and coupled with the Full Moon accenting the career point of your solar chart on 19th PLUS Chiron's arrival in another of the Fire signs (Aries), midmonth, there's high probability of a fast and furious pace at every level. Cash flow will no doubt be affected. Whilst controlling this might not be too difficult in the first 10 days of the month, once Mercury moves into Pisces on 10th for an extended stay lasting through to mid April, there's high probability of more flowing out than flowing in. Some costs may be directly related to health management and to rising daily costs. This is perhaps especially true between the 13th and 16th when emergency shopping could bust a budget. The Sun makes excellent aspect to your ruling planet Jupiter on 21st however and from then on through to the end of the month and yes, having tackled some difficult issues most likely with a partner, you could then have a strategy that will assist through what is likely to be highly volatile period in March. The art then in February, is not some much about spending itself but spending wisely: something that could be done around Monday 18th with an investment which you are confident will pay dividends before the end of the year.

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