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Sagittarius Monthly June 2019

We are now halfway through your personal year and it's time to take stock. The presence of Mars - going through one of the acute financial relationship areas of your solar chart - suggests that you and someone close may have long-term investments to consider. True, you won't be alone in this and yes, in your case tax and interest rates could play crucial role. It's probable that developments within the family will require frank exchange about savings and how these are operated. As the Sun leaves your opposite sign at the Solstice on Friday 21st, these discussions could turn intense. Though final decisions might not be made until after the eclipses next month, it will likely be important for you to declare your long-term vision. In this, you might also wish to set out where and how you want to invest. Precious metals and jewels may be part of this strategy. In that respect, approaches and plans made in the very last days of June look to be significant.

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