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Sagittarius Monthly May 2021

Those born under Sagittarius are sensitive to the movements of Jupiter. Jupiter changes signs annually. On May 15th it enters Pisces. This will bring altered rhythm to all signs. Jupiter enjoys it stay in Pisces and for Sagittarius this brings opportunity to explore the oceans or at least think of places far, far away. Travel can of course be in the mind: it doesn't have to be expensive. Yet you wouldn't be you if you didn't consider breaking out of your usual environment. To do that requires assessment of what resources you have. That's a task best undertaken either in the first few days of May or around the New Moon on May 11. At either time, your perspective should be excellent. Don't underestimate either your ability to rearrange your financial structure: it may be that the sale of no longer needed item brings significant cash boost. Most financial excitement is likely to come around the Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign on May 26. It's then that a co-worker or partners affairs are likely to change direction entirely; bringing with it a valuable review of joint commitments.

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