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Sagittarius Monthly August 2018

This month promises to be a turbulent financial time all signs. For you, challenges could arise through volatility in exchange rates or general difficulties with currencies. These will likely resolve after Mercury stations on 19th. That same day, your ruling planet, Jupiter, makes fabulous aspect to Neptune. This is when the tide could really turn. True, it may be that this is with the assistance of a relative or very close partner. Whatever, it seems likely that by the Full Moon on August 26th that the financial tide will most definitely turn. This could be an excellent time to obtain estimates and begin planning. You can implement decisions early next month after Saturn turns direct. Without wishing to put a dampener on plans, it would be as well to keep in mind that Saturn is now passing through one of the key financial zones of your solar chart through until December 2020, and that until then, the need to keep tight rein on spending will surely be great. This is a period for self-investment and for trimming sails - possibly including foregoing luxury expenditure until the cosmic weather eases.

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