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Sagittarius Monthly July 2020

Take your time. Apply risk management. Yes, Mars has arrived in another of the Fire signs - and for an extended stay through to early 2021. The fact that Mars is moving through the risk and speculation area of your solar chart suggests that not only will you want to spend more on hobbies and leisure, but that you could be attracted to young investment opportunities. Yet this might put stress on your nervous system and on close partnerships. It's likely imperative that you consider carefully the risks involved and ensure you're not taking unnecessary gambles. Think long-term security first and investment excitement second. The situation will change after the Sun enters another of the Fire signs on 22nd. Drawn then toward essential products and services, you could yet find areas to invest that bring pleasure and reward. There is also the strong possibility - on the very last day of July,- of realising extra cash through the sale of a long-held item that is no longer required.

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