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Sagittarius Monthly November 2020

For the final time in your lifetime, your ruling planet, Jupiter aligns with Pluto in neighbouring Capricorn. This area of your solar chart is closely linked to personal finances. You should now know exactly where you stand and, though certainly the rules of the financial game been turned upside down since the start of the year, have better handling on what is and what is not possible. That said, it might be wise to take advice from mentors or advisers as Mars arrives at its direct station midmonth. There may be investments you haven't yet considered. Mars is of course travelling through the speculative area of your solar chart. Though it's said that Sagittarius is not good at risk management, it's probable that in recent months you've acquired some skill in this area. You may now be ready to make investment. Attracted to areas that in the past have held little interest, once the Sun reaches your sign on November 22, you may be drawn to learning more about how certain businesses are restructuring. It may yet be possible to make considered investment in utilities or, away from the markets, domestic items that would run more efficiently than those you already own.